Academic Exploration Program

Trillizio, Director of Orientation and Advisement; Winkle, Director of AEP and Testing; McClintock, Assistant Director of Orientation and Advisement.

The Academic Exploration Program is one of the most comprehensive programs of its kind in the country. Concerned and available faculty, strong supportive services, and seminars in career and life planning make the decision-making process relevant.

The Academic Exploration Program is a program designed to help you identify your interests and develop your future plans. This is possible in an environment that allows you to explore different courses in areas of interest to you. Through its flexible curriculum, a student may enroll in classes in any of the colleges on campus. The faculty member associated with AEP 100 seminar serves as your academic advisor. This student-to-advisor relationship makes the Academic Exploration Program a personalized program.

Students enrolled in the Academic Exploration Program must meet with their academic advisor each semester or they will not be eligible to register for classes. Students need to declare a major by the time they have completed their sophomore year.

The Academic Exploration Program was recognized in 2012 by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) as an Outstanding Advising Program.

AEP 100 Student Planning Seminar

Required for all first semester freshmen AEP students. Focuses on individual development of academic interest concepts, methods and tools of career research, and recognition of personal strengths, values, and characteristics. Enables students to identify majors and careers consistent with abilities, interests, and personality.

AEP 105 Student Planning Seminar II

For students needing additional assistance in deciding a major. Focuses on a student’s better understanding of his/her own personal attributes. Through an individualized set of assessments, a student will be assisted in determining personal characteristics which may indicate appropriate academic majors for consideration.