Scholarships, Cost & Affordability

Learn about the opportunities and options we offer to help you manage your Bradley investment.

  • FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid


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    Scholarship Estimator
    Get an instant estimate of your financial assistance award and learn about cost management options. 
  • Standard Expenses
    What are the current costs for tuition, housing and fees?
  • Scholarships and Other Sources of Assistance
    Go here for a description of scholarships, grants and loans.
  • Award Information
    Visit the Student Financial Services web site to view your award, calculate loan amounts, and simulate cost management options.
  • Financial Assistance Review Appointment
    As you finalize your college financing plans, we want to answer all of your questions. These appointments are for our Central Illinois students. If you live in zipcodes: 615,616 or 617 Click Here to setup your 20 minute individual appointment with an admissions representative.