Tyler Fryer

Tyler's Interview



Until I found Bradley, I never knew that entrepreneurship was offered as a major.  I was in an entrepreneurship class at my high school and the opportunity to continue learning about it in college was very appealing to me. 

The experiences I’ve gained within my major have given me the practical experience and knowledge I will need to run a small business. From campus organizations to the classroom I’ve had opportunities that will truly shape the rest of my life. My International Business class travelled to China during spring break. It was such an insightful experience that gave me a new perspective on business practices and exposed me to a vast new culture. I also got to see the Great Wall, one of the Seven Wonders of the World!

In my junior year, I won the Springboard Business Plan Competition. My 1st place company was called U-Exchange. In essence it is an online classifieds site for college students to post goods they would like to buy or sell in an intercampus exchange.  For example, if you have a textbook you would like to sell, you can post it online for other students on campus to buy. Currently U-Exchange is in the development stages with plans to be fully operating on Bradley’s campus soon. That opportunity has opened the doors to a whole host of networks, experiences and a chance to really apply myself and the knowledge I’ve gained at Bradley. 

My internship with the Peoria-Next Innovation Center opened my eyes to the reality of developing, starting and commercializing a start-up business. As an intern I was completely autonomous which gave me a great deal of confidence to know they trusted in my abilities but, I was also quite nervous because there were such high stakes.  I conducted market research and created portfolios on competitor companies. I also helped formulate market research and advertising strategies, presenting my results to the owners of the company I worked for. The information I gathered was absolutely vital to their sustainability and success. No matter what business I start I have related experience and the confidence to know I can perform the required duties very well.