Matt Stein

Matt's Interview



After taking an AP exam my sophomore year, colleges started sending me information. Bradley had the brightest envelope and it caught my attention. I looked into the university and was hooked on going since Bradley had a variety of intramural and club sports to choose from. However, my senior year I was set on attending another university until my mom said I should check out Bradley again. I loved my visit so much that I didn’t even apply to the other school.


I didn’t volunteer a lot in high school but that changed once I came to Bradley. I became a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and met a survivor who shared his story with me. I was touched again when I bumped into him outside of my volunteer work. He gave me a hug and said that he was thankful for all that work I’d done and that I had made his day brighter. Now, I volunteer over 40 hours a semester hoping to make a difference.


Bradley’s countless organizations have allowed me to get involved and meet people who have made my life on campus unforgettable. I have met some of my best friends through Fellows and Habitat for Humanity. I’ve become a leader and a better Matt than the one that arrived to campus on the first day. Groups like Big Brothers Big Sisters and Adopt-a-School have pushed me outside my comfort zone. I am more confident to try new things and though I’m only a sophomore, I can take pride in putting all I’ve done on my resume.