Jacoby Cochran


Bradley’s not just a place to get an education; it’s a place to become everything that you are capable of being. It allows you to become the person you want to be.

I started out focused on becoming a national champion in speech. I had some success. But to be the best, I had to become a better student and a better person.  I got a campus job, joined a fraternity, and I learned to talk to my professors. Through student organizations, leadership roles, and getting to know different points of view, I became a more social, more confident and more successful person. When I applied my Bradley experience, I become a champion.

More about Jacoby's National Championship Performance

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently interviewed Jacoby about his hard work and successes on the Bradley Speech Team. Cochran is a seven-time national champion at the National Forensics Association and the American Forensics Association tournaments.

Cochran performed the introduction of his award-winning rhetorical criticism speech for the education magazine and discussed how he approached his sensitive subject—that of a African-American teenager who was demoted to "co-valedictorian" by her high school in Arkansas despite earning the highest grade-point average in her class. Listen to Cochran's interview here: