Jacob Vizcarra

Music Business & Interactive Media

Why Bradley?

Everyone always asks me, “Why Bradley? What made you want to travel so far away?” I find myself giving a different answer each time. During my freshman year here I loved to rattle off statistics from the website and talk about the generous scholarships I received from Bradley. With every semester and exciting moment within, I collected more reasons to proudly profess why I chose Bradley.

Deciding On Bradley

I began to uncover my path to Bradley during my junior year in high school. It began with scouring the Internet for information on college majors. I quickly felt overwhelmed reading the descriptions and researching college curriculums on everything from music performance to chemical engineering.

Somewhere along I decided majoring in business would suit my personality but I wasn’t completely convinced. I wanted to pursue a passion of mine and, although business was intriguing, it alone would never match the passion I have for music. I quickly panicked. I wasn’t a musician but didn’t want to end up working as an ordinary businessman so I was absolutely thrilled when I found the music business major.

Finally having some direction, I searched for the “best schools for music business,” and sure enough, I became very familiar with the name Bradley as it popped up in many of my searches. I applied to Bradley and a handful of other universities across the U.S. and received enough acceptance letters to have a few options. After many campus visits, discussions with my parents and life mentors, I decided to start my freshman year in Peoria.

Making Music On Campus

Both on and off campus, I’ve made music part of my life at Bradley. On campus, I’m the founder and president of Brave Sounds Entertainment, a student-run event coordinating group. As a group, we host and promoter concerts at Bradley by booking live bands and venues around campus. Off campus, Bradley helped me land an internship at peermusic, an independent music publishing company in Los Angeles. There I learned the value of networking and refined my passion for the music industry.

So Far

My time at Bradley has been filled with great friends, professors, and opportunities. Halfway through my junior year, I have built friendships that will last a lifetime. In class, my professors ensure that I understand the material and spend time with me when I need it. Outside of class, several of my professors serve as mentors guiding me during an important time in my life. Taking all my experiences into account, I’ve noticed that Bradley provides its students with endless opportunity. What has made my Bradley experience phenomenal is taking advantage of those opportunities. From engaging internships to starting my own club on campus, I believe there is no limit to what I can accomplish.