Katie Brown

Katie's Interview

Health Science


The transfer to Bradley was stressful but everyone I spoke with helped me adjust to the switch. I never hesitated to call with questions or concerns because I would always receive a reassuring answer. I felt extremely welcomed and excited to be a student in a community that is friendly, genuine and encouraging.

Beginning school here at Bradley was completely different than my previous school. I attended a community college and lived at home. Since I had been commuting to classes everyday it made it difficult to meet new people. One of the greatest things about Bradley was meeting my group of friends. It’s nice to meet with them after class to clear my mind before my next activity. We encourage each other to work hard and take advantage of opportunities.  You don't have to live here to feel welcome, but it sure is different than a commuter school.


I found Bradley when speaking with a counselor at my previous college. I came down for a visit and I really liked it. Everyone was so kind. Meeting other people, and seeing how happy they were, definitely shaped my decision to come to Bradley.


I dreaded the idea of going to chemistry, but my professor joked around with icebreakers and stories, that really made a difference.  Once, at the end of a class learning about hydrogen, our professor brought out balloons full of hydrogen.  The professor put on large earphones to protect his ear and had a flame at the end of a long stick. We were anticipating something big.  He explained that the first balloon was small because it was filled before the weekend.  When a flame was added, the balloon popped weakly. We could barely hear it. The second balloon, on the other hand, was recently filled with hydrogen. My professor turned the lights off, told us to cover our ears, and held a flame under the balloon.  This time, the balloon exploded into a ball of fire. It wasn’t just a way to get our attention; it also demonstrated what he had been teaching. It showed how small the hydrogen atom is and how reactive hydrogen can be in the presence of fire.  Getting through classes you aren’t looking forward to is part of college.  Having fun in classes you weren’t looking forward to is part of Bradley.


I plan to be a physical therapist. I joined the Health Science Organization and through this group I discovered another field that interests me. Our group visited an Orthopedics and Prosthetics practice. During observations, I got a real insight to this type of career. I think it is great that organizations like this also have speakers come and broaden our perspectives.