Ashley Edlund

Electronic Media


Bradley is different than other schools because everyone here makes it easy to get involved no matter your previous experience. I should know. I came here from a bigger university where it felt like you had to know someone to meet anyone. At Bradley, every time I meet one person, they introduce me to ten more.  It's just that type of campus.


Though I was determined to go to my home state's biggest school, my mom kept telling me that a smaller school would be a better fit for me. By the end of my freshman year at the bigger school, I decided she was right. Remembering her recommendation about Bradley, we visited and I knew this was where I was supposed to be.


The teachers are very passionate about their professions and encourage learning inside and outside the classroom. When I had my first encounter with field reporting, I was able to do stand-ups and report on news stories even with my lack of experience. I really feel all the practice is beneficial and will help me during my job search. Bradley expects students to learn and to earn their grade, not just slide by without trying.


One of the perks of a smaller school is that you are able to jump right in and learn. I started helping out with Midstate Magazine, the campus television station housed in the Caterpillar Global Communications Center. After a semester of experience I am the news director and assistant producer.


I lived in a private dorm at my former school and it was pretty sparse compared to all the things Williams offered me this year. Center court (food service) is right downstairs, and many of the rooms have been renovated and look brand new. The dorms are well lit, which sounds weird if you don't know what living in a dorm room is like, but you what I mean if you’ve ever lived in a residence hall. Dorm rooms are typically pretty dingy but Williams isn't like that.

My roommate first semester was also a transfer student who and had moved in a few days before me. When I got here there were signs and decorations welcoming me to school, and it made not only me but my parents really happy to know that the school had taken time to match me up with someone who was in the same boat as I was.

I think as a transfer student Williams is a great place to start. You meet a lot of people right away, but at the same time it's quiet enough to focus on school when you need to. Another nice thing about Williams is that the ARA's and the RA's are very involved in getting to know the floor. My two hall directors, Kristen and Sharika have done everything from hosting movie nights to making candy bags for Halloween.