Ryan Henderson



I grew up near St. Louis and I have also attended school in Chicago. I knew Peoria wasn’t a big city, but I also didn’t want to go somewhere without some of the things a city offers.  Peoria may surprise you with all it has to offer.  It’s not just a college town.


It was unexpected when I visited Bradley and fell in love. After starting college by attending a school in the city of Chicago, I decided I wanted to be a few hours from home and definitely not at a big school. After going through the college search again, Bradley became my second chance.


I was amazed at the smooth transfer process to Bradley. My admissions representative and I kept in constant contact. If I had a question about admittance I would call and get immediate answers. I didn't have to communicate through voicemails, which was the best part.


Bradley always has something to offer its students. I love going to concerts and will never forget my experience sitting second row during One Republic's performance at the Peoria Civic Center. The show was put on by Bradley's Student Activity Office and students could buy tickets a week before the public. After studying for long periods of time, it was nice to kick back and enjoy a break by getting off campus and exploring the community through an event offered by Bradley.


Living on campus my first year at Bradley definitely had its benefits.  I was close to everything I needed and could make it to class in under 5 minutes, everyday!  In October I began looking for housing off-campus for my junior year.  I know it seems early, but everyone is in the same boat so it worked out perfect!  There were flyers posted in all of the residence halls for property management companies around the area and the Bradley Scout had new listings every week.  I went with two of my friends to Campus Club Rentals and looked at three houses in one day.  The third house was it.  Only two blocks from campus!  After signing the lease for the house I came to realize that the majority of my friends signed leases for houses within blocks of mine.  A few of my friends chose to live in the St. James apartment complex which is only a 10 minute walk from my house.  Finding a house was an exciting experience and it was so much easier than expected.  Since most of the landlords and management companies in the area only rent to Bradley students, everyone is well taken care of.  Another great thing is that living off campus is financially reasonable and definitely does not put a hole in your wallet!


There are so many organizations looking for new members and offering students a chance to meet new people. I know I have really stretched beyond my old limits and have met so many amazing people. Getting involved has helped me discover more about myself. I've also learned how to belong to a community and still be me.