Luis Hernandez


I knew I made the right choice!

Stopping for food and gas, it takes me about 16 hours to drive from New York to Peoria.  When I pulled into campus, I knew I made the right choice!  The pace of life in the Midwest has been a really nice transition, and the campus community has been nothing but becoming.
My academic advisor played a big role in making my transition to Bradley so successful.  On my very first visit to campus, he gave me his cell phone number and encouraged me to call with any questions.  His passion for his profession and his students absolutely sold me on Bradley’s marketing program.

Bradley’s Smith Career Center has offered workshops that helped me begin to plan for the next phase of my life.  Whether it is a resume critique from human resources representatives at major companies or a mock interview session, the opportunities for professional growth are endless.  The career and internship fairs have given me a great deal of exposure to companies I may not have found on my own.

In terms of classes, Professional Selling has been the best course for me at Bradley.  I was amazed by the skills I developed and the ways they have already helped me in my search for internships and jobs.  Presenting a sales-pitch to a client forces you to think on your feet.  We never knew what kind of curve ball our client was going to throw at us so we had to learn how to combat their concerns and effectively respond.  My Sports Marketing class is another example of the project-based learning you receive at Bradley.  Essentially, the class was an internship.  We managed multiple projects at once and worked with real-world clients, including the Peoria Chiefs, the Bradley Baseball team and the City of Peoria.  Our “classroom” was the Peoria Chiefs’ stadium!  With multiple deadlines to meet, budgets to balance and clients to please, I can definitely say I got a taste of what my life after college will entail.

Overall, I feel prepared for whatever comes next.  Knowing that I am earning my degree from a university with a commitment to staying current, with professors who know my name, and with the resources to help me find a career in my field is incredibly reassuring.  I will be glad to say I ventured from the East Coast to the Midwest and earned a degree from Bradley!