Internship Program

Internship program

Each academic school year, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion hires several student interns to obtain professional experiences that complement their academic courseload. These students gain professional experiences, networking experience, and an opportunity to develop sustainable and influential projects that impact the wider campus community and achieve the mission of the office. 

Sanaa Fidahussain

Position: Graphic Design Intern
Major: Computer Science & Interactive Media-Animation and Visual Effects
Hometown/Birthplace: Edwardsville, IL

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, and watching movies

How do you define leadership: Leadership is the process of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of a team and ensuring that they work cohesively to achieve a common goal.

Personal Motto: Keep challenging yourself.

Why did you come to Bradley:  I came to Bradley because of their Interactive Media program, in hopes that someday it will give me the connections and skills I need to work in animated films. 

Why did you choose your major: It has been my dream to work on animated films ever since I watched the Pixar movie Cars. When I realized that people can actually do this for a living, I knew that this was what I wanted to do which is why I choose to get an Interactive Media-Animation major. I love to create things and with code you can create virtually anything, which is the reason I choose to get a Computer Science major. 

Future Goals: The future is something that can always change, but wherever I end up, I hope to combine both my technical and artistic skills and work for a company like Pixar or DreamWorks. 

Judith De La Vega

Position: Student Engagement Intern
Major: Criminal Justice Studies, Sociology Minor
Hometown/Birthplace: Lemont, IL

Hobbies: Singing, biking, hiking

How do you define leadership: I define leadership as the skill of working towards a goal, or what you believe in, and having the ability to make collective decisions for the greater good. As well as being able to positively inspire people along the way. 

What is your personal motto: Everything happens for a reason. 

Why did you come to Bradley: I chose to come to Bradley mainly because of the close-knit campus. Its safe to say Bradley easily became my home away from home. Another reason why I chose Bradley was because of the great leadership opportunities that presented themselves; for me it's all about staying involved. 

Why did you choose your major: As a former Sociology major, I was introduced into the study of criminal justice and automatically knew it was something I wanted to learn more about. Criminal justice is a field I'm genuinely interested in. I know with this degree I will be able to work directly with people and become a positive influence within my community.

What are your future goals: My future career goal is to enroll in to graduate school as a full-time student post-undergrad. 

Shawn Jones

Position: Student Engagement Intern  
Major: Sports Communication, Marketing Minor
Hometown/Birthplace: Chicago, IL  

Hobbies: Anything dealing with sports

How do you define leadership: Leader is going beyond the expectations and demands of others. Taking responsibility and the initiative to complete a task.

What is your personal motto: Work Hard, Play Hard -Wiz Khalifa

Why did you come to Bradley: Bradley has a nationally rated Sports Communication program, it is also close to home and provide adequate financial assistance.

Why did you choose your major: It is better to make a career out of something you love than to do it for money.

What are your future goals: Ultimately, I'd like to be within the front office of an NBA team, potentially as a general manager.

Adan Chance

Position: Graphic Design Intern
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown/Birthplace: Galesburg IL.

Hobbies: Designing flyers and logos for various clubs and organizations at Bradley through The Agency, Bradley University's AAF chapter. 

How do you define leadership: I define leadership as guiding, inspiring, and motivating a group towards a goal.

Personal Motto: My personal motto is "Say Yes". At this stage in my career I think it's beneficial to just say yes to whatever opportunity comes along. Even if I don't exactly know what I am doing. I want to try a bit of everything and grow as a designer as much as possible. 

Why did you come to Bradley: I came to Bradley because I was looking to major in Design, but I didn't want to go to an art school. I wanted to have a well-rounded education. Having grown up 45 minutes away from the school and knowing my mother was successful in her career after graduating from Bradley made the decision a lot easier. 

Why did you choose your major: I chose to be a design major because I always loved to draw in school. It was all I did for six hours every day. And as I got older I developed an appreciation for typography and letterforms that really pushed me into the sphere of graphic design. 

What are your future goals: I hope to get a job in my field once I graduate. I just have to figure out what direction I want to take it in. There are so many different avenues that a graphic design graduate can take and I still haven't quite figured out my niche.