Summer Housing

May Interim

May 18 -June 5, 2015

Check in: May 17th after 1pm

3 weeks at $150 per week=$450


Summer Session I

June 8 -July 10, 2015

Check in: June 7 after 1pm

5 weeks at $150 per week=$750


Summer Session II

July 13 - August 14, 2015

Check in: July 12th after 1pm

5 weeks at $150 per week=$750




Elmwood Hall

1317 St. James

Peoria, IL  61606

Summer school residents will be housed in the residence halls at the cost of $150 per week. All rooms are singles and are air-conditioned. Meal plan is not offered during the summer months. No additional fee for parking.


If you need housing for any Interim or Summer Sessions, you must come to the center for Residential Living and Leadership located in Sisson 133 to reserve a spot.


The deadline for sign up is  Thursday, May 1st.


If you have registered for housing for the Summer Sessions, we will contact you on  May 6, 2015 about your assignment. It will not be necessary for you to move out of your current residence hall room before checking into your assigned summer housing room.