Student Activities Office

The Student Activities Office provides a variety of services to student organizations and the campus community including program planning, leadership and organizational development, contracts and negotiation, posting validation, publicity and promotion development, talent acquisition and financial management.

Other functions of the Student Activities Office include maintaining a master calendar of campus events to assist the University community in scheduling programs without conflict as well as managing the Michel Student Center Information Desk, Sisson Hall Student Organization Offices, Lydia's Lounge and quad space.

Student Leader and Organization Recognition Reception Results

Congratulations to the Student Leaders and Organizations that were presented awards at May 2 Awards Ceremony:

Individual Student Awards
Dr. Domenico Volturno Distinguished Service Award - Sojourner White

Parents' Association Award: Student Recognition - James Ghareeb

Greg Killoran Club Sports Leadership Awards: Alex Alvarez, Triathlon Club

David Lennie Executive Award of Excellence (EDGE): Alex Stephen

The Broadside Award: Tian He

Henry Pindell Slane Award (SCOUT): Chris Kwiecinski, Sports Editor

ACBU Coordinator of the Year (ACBU): Samantha Bondi

ACBU Hall of Fame (ACBU): Helen Lagerblade and Casey McDonaugh

Tim Wendle Memorial Scholarship (Residence Life): Charlie Barchett, Abby Hanneman,Blake McCormick and Shelby Taluc

Outstanding Tutor Award: Cole Dill

Graduate School Leadership & Service Awards: Alexander Martin, Monseiur Muhammed, Dannielle Wentzel, Raquesh Ramasi

Osher Life Long Learning Institute Student Volunteer of the Year: Jason Blumenthal and Kristine Schmelling

Student Senator of the Year: Reid Harman

Cabinet Member of the Year: Helen Lagerblade

Olive B. White Scholarship Winners: Andrea Aguilerra, Olivia Carrizales, Shannon Dolan, Alex Ferraro, Amanda Hammer, Christina Herbst, Pablo Iglesias and Alicia Petramale

Faculty/Staff Recognitions

Parents' Association Award: Faculty Award of Excellence: Dr. Travis Stern, Theater

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor: Jessica Chandler

Academic Advisor of the Year: Dr. Prescott, English

Organizational Awards

Multicultural Program of the Year: Common Ground for Spoken word with Andrea Gibson

Student Organization Program of the Year: Fellows - Through the Lens of Leaders

Annual Service Award: Wags for Mags

Student Organization of the Year: Student Senate

Campus Event Planning

Are you a student leader planning an event on campus and have questions about the logistics of how to do so?  Our office has created a comprehensive online resource that should answer any and all questions you may have about how to plan an event on Bradley's campus.  Click on the headline "Campus Event Planning" to be directed to that webpage.  If you have additional questions after reading through that, do not hesitate to contact our office.