Student Organizations Roster

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President: Regina Muhr (

Women's Ultimate Frisbee 4-15

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

President: Preston Scheel (


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated

President: Jleese Williams (

The principal purposes and aims of this public service organization shall be to establish, maintain and encourage high cultural, intellectual and moral standards among its members and to engage in public service programs. 5-15

Delta Tau Delta

President: Cole Stalter (


Delta Upsilon Fraternity

President: Zach Roake (

updated 5/15

Dietetic Student Association

President: Teresa Peri (

Provides students with opportunities for growth and learning through contact with professionals in the field of nutrition, to explore the roles of food and nutrition as they relate to development of self and to offer practical experience in planning an executing activities related to nutrition. Updated 5/15

Digital Arts Team at Bradley University

President: Christopher Walls (

Our goal is to create interaction and communication between digital and computer artists at BU. To provide graphic services (i.e. posters, promotional material, websites) to other on campus organizations at Bradley. We would also give digital and computer art majors a way to sharpen skills, ask questions, and build a portfolio outside of class assignments 6-14