Student Organizations Roster

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MBA Association

President: Petr Chroust (

Provides students pursuing their MBA with opportunities to gain hands on experience in real life projects and serve as the link between students, Bradley administration and the Peoria business community. 9-14

Med (B.U.)

President: Sarah Keshwani (

The BU Med club shall be (a) foster a wide interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, volunteer services, and (b) to assist students in developing skills and knowledge for the health professions. 8/14

Men of Color - Initiative

President: Shawn Jones (

Our mission is to create an environment of academic achievement, personal growth, and professional development among male students of color, all in an effort to help them persist through college. 9/14

Midwestern Accents male A Cappella (Frmr On the Rocks)

President: Chris Sullivan (

Otherwise known as On the Rocks, our purpose is to perform a cappella music. 9/13

Ministry of Experimental Theatre

President: Andy Kauff (


Mixed Martial Arts

President: Alex Hulbert (

Our purpose is to have students learn different styles of martial arts, use these arts to help strengthen and tone bodies into peak physical condition, and to teach oneself discipline, self respect, and confidence. 9/13

Mortar Board

President: Cathryne Spear (

Recognizes leadership and academic accomplishments of senior students regardless of major. Membership applications are sent to students with junior standing and a minimum of 3.5 GPA in the spring. 6/14

Musicians in Business (MIB)

President: Lindsey Overby (

Educates Bradley students of the employment and career opportunities that are available to them in the music business including music retail, music product manufacturing and retail, music production, arts administration, copyright law and more.

Muslim Student Association

President: Atif Ali (

Educates the campus community about the Muslim culture and supports Muslim students at Bradley. 9/13