Student Organizations Roster

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SAE-I International (Formerly Society of Automotive Eng.)

President: Jorge Trujillo (

Technical education & advancement of its members by providing opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering and engineering technology professions through sponsoring meetings which will bring engineering & associated personnel to the campus; arranging field trips t research establishments; encourage participation in society sponsored chapter and nat'l programs. 5/15

Salsa Club

President: Ryan Blackwell & Megan Makani (

Contact Ryan or Megan at 4/16

Save the Children Action Network Club

President: Cecily Scott Martin (

We shall serve the purpose of educating the campus. Save the Children Action Network will be the voice of the kids. By building political will and mobilizing advocates, we increase opportunity for children to survive and thrive. Domestically, we hope to expand access to high-quality early learning programs and internationally, we strive to end the preventable deaths of mothers and children around the globe. 4/16


President: Tessa Armich (

The goals of the Scout are to provide vital information to the students at Bradley University, to provide an open forum for discussing issues involving the students, and to entertain the student population. The Scout serves as the watchdog for students, representing the students' interest and reporting back to the students. 4/16


President: Molly Brantingham (

SERVE coordinates a morning of volunteer opportunities for Bradley Students (and visitors) 4 times a semester. At each SoS, 10-15 volunteer options are provided to registrants. Volunteers are provided with free transportation, breakfast and lunch. Interested in Volunteering? Click here to pre-register (starting 8/27). Have questions? Contact Lewis J. Burger Center for Student Leadership & Public Service at 309-677-2428. 8/15

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

President: Jacob Dewey (


Sigma Alpha Iota

President: Maggie Sloter (

This chapter will be responsible for incorporating the national goals of this music organization into its discussions, meetings, and activities. 4/16

Sigma Chi Fraternity

President: Marty O'Shaughnessy (


Sigma Delta Tau

President: Shannon Schooley (


Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

President: Verita Richardson (


Sigma Iota Rho

President: Charles Bukowski (

Promotes and rewards scholarship and service among students and practitioners of international studies, international affairs, and global studies and fosters integrity and creative performance in the conduct of world affairs. 9/15

Sigma Kappa Beta Nu Sorority

President: Mary Raczek (

The purpose of this Sorority is to unite its members in a bond of sincere friendship and sisterhood for the development of character and the promotion of social, literary, and intellectual culture. 4/16

Sigma Lambda Gamma Colony

President: Daniela Miranda (


Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

President: Drew Hitson (


Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity Rho Chapter

President: Luca Boettger (

Sigma Phi Delta is an all male Professional/Social Engineering Fraternity. We are an international fraternity composed of undergraduate engineering and technology majors focused on the goals of advancing our education and college experience through professional development, philanthropy, and brotherly bonding. 5/16

Sigma Phi Epsilon

President: Peter Werning (


Sigma Tau Delta (English)

President: Anna Huffman (

Confers distinction for high achievement in English studies, provides cultural stimulation and encourages creative critical writing. 5/16

Soccer - Men's

President: Aidan Fahrenkrog (

The purpose of this club shall be to give students who would like to develop skills, compete competitively against other schools and each other in the sport of men's soccer a chance to do so. 2/16

Soccer - Women's

President: Parisa Ghasemi (

updated 9/15

Social Service Organization (BUSS)

President: Shannon Dolan (

Provides opportunities for social service majors to learn more about the field in a non-classroom setting. 4/16

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

President: Nayelli Sida (

Purpose is to provide a meeting place for students with similar interest, goals & backgrounds. Provide academic guidance, access to academic resources, leadership opportunities, career development & career orientation for our members. Provide information to Hispanic & other minorities at all grade levels concerning programs available in engineering science & technology. Maintain & increase the enrollment of Hispanics & other minorities in engineering science & technology programs at BU 5/16

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)

President: Morgan Fugiel (

The purpose of this organization is to acquaint students considering a future in business with a field of human resource management and/or labor relations. 5/16

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

President: Lauren Dahlke (


Society of Women Engineers

President: Kathryn Curtis (

This national organization is designed to promote women in technical or engineering disciplines by providing meetings, social gatherings, industry tours and networking with professional engineers. 8/15

Sociology Club

President: Michaela Boyd (

Purpose of this club is to promote the interaction between sociology and social service students and the faculty of the department. Students and faculty meet for social activities, discussion and programs. updated 9/15

Socratic Society

President: Elizabeth Lundholm (

To provide an intellectual space for students interested in philosophy, religious studies, and/or abstract thought, and to create opportunities for speakers, film showings, and discussions to enrich the depth of the philosophical mind. 2-16

Sonor (SOcial NORming)

President: Ellen Dwyer (

SONOR is a team of talented students that create marketing/advertising campaigns that promote positive social norms about substance use on campus. 4/16

Sportsman's Club

President: Nicholas Frost (

This is for students who are interested in fishing and hunting activities. The club will aim to teach members new methods of fishing and or hunting and will benefit the advanced students as well. 3/16


President: Jenna Dellaria (


Student Activities Budget Review Committee - SABRC

President: Desirae Coleman (

All full-time undergraduate students (those taking 9 or more credit hours) pay an $85 per semester activity fee. The purpose of SABRC is to allocate these funds to student organizations for campus-wide events. The SABRC panel is comprised solely of students whose goal is to offer a diverse set of programs on campus that are both entertaining and educational in nature. 5/16

Student Education Association

President: Sara White (

Cultivates and empowers future teachers by furthering their development throughout the higher education process. 8/15

Student Health Advisory Committee

President: Nicole Pearl (


Student Senate

President: Jenna Dellaria (

This elected body of students recommends courses of action and communicates students' viewpoints to the administration, faculty and staff. 5/16

Students For Free Speech

President: Vincent Dory (


Students for Life

President: Annie Carroll (


Students Ready to Make Change

President: Claire Annes (

The purpose of the club shall be to develop and perform presentations in school settings that motivate K-12 students to abolish bullying and promote kindness. 8/15

Students Today Leaders Forever

President: Glenna Nelson (


Students United for Change

President: Kaprice Box (

This organization intends to create an environment where all minority students can collaborate to fulfill the collective goals of student life: socialization, matriculation, and graduation. updated 5-15

Super Smash Bros Club

President: Bradley quid (

The purpose of the club is to facilitate a friendly and social environment with people that share a similar interest in the Super Smash Bros series. We also hope to expand our club to work with outside organizations and hosting public tournaments. 9/15


President: Sarah Handler (

The purpose of the club shall be (a) to help students understand their ability to create a more sustainable future through their everyday actions, (b) to foster student interest and participation in sustainability initiatives by providing educational, social, and service based programming, and (c) to assist students in creating a more sustainable campus through collaboration with University and city entities. 2/15

Swim Club

President: Neda Semsarieh (


Swing Dance society (formerly Swingers)

President: Jenna Krukowski (

Promotes swing dancing through weekly workshops and semester dances with a live swing band. 9-15

Symphony Orchestra

President: Molly Wilson (

Auditions are required and one credit hour will be received for each semester of participation in this ensemble comprised of student and community string players. U5/16