Campus Grounds Reservations

  1. Reservations for the use of public areas on campus including Olin and Baker Quads are made by completing a Campus Grounds Reservation Form with the Student Activities Office (SAO).
  2. Up to one (1) week per event may be reserved.
  3. Student organizations requesting space for fund-raising, sales or solicitation activities must also complete a Fundraising Request Form.
  4. The collection of funds for personal gain is prohibited.
  5. The SAO has tables and chairs for use by student organizations only and will determine where and when the tables(s) and chairs will be picked up returned or if they will be delivered. All other entities must reserve tables/chairs through the Field House.
  6. Student organizations are responsible for all tables and chairs for the times for which they are reserved. Failure to return the proper number of tables and chairs will result in a financial charge to the organization. Until such charge is paid, the organization will not be allowed to use campus facilities.
  7. A student ID must be left with the SAO when a table and chairs are picked up. ID will be returned when the table and chairs are returned.
  8. Non-University organizations and businesses will be charged a fee for the use of space. The fee will be determined by the Director of Student Activities.
  9. When the activity involves the distribution of information, selling of goods, etc., members of the sponsoring organization must stay behind the table.
  10. In the event of harassment of people passing by, the group will receive one (1) verbal warning. If the harassment continues, the group will be asked to leave the premises and will not be allowed to continue the event if it is scheduled for another day.
  11. Any group requesting space for a march or demonstration must follow the Assemblies/Protests Policy as written in the Student Handbook
  12. Student organizations are prohibited from sponsoring events involving alcohol.
  13. Electricity is only available on Olin Quad.
  14. Arrangements for serving or selling food at events must be arranged through Campus Dining Services.
  15. No heavy equipment or vehicles may be placed on the Quads.
  16. Staking of signs, tents, inflatables, etc. must be approved by the Telecommunications Office, Facilities Management and the Director of Student Activities.
  17. All Bradley regulations including the posting policy must be adhered to.
  18. All events must adhere to the Noise Policy.