Lydia's Lounge Policies

  • Student organizations and campus departments can reserve the venue for special events open to the student body.  No private events or meetings can be held in this space.  The Director of Student Activities reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the event.
  • Special events may run no later than 1:00am.  The Director of Student Activities will be responsible for managing the calendar.
  • An employee of the Student Activities Office (Event Supervisor) will be present at all scheduled special events as necessary.  The Event Supervisor will be responsible for overseeing room setup, the equipment and locking up the venue at the completion of the event if it runs past posted closing time.
  • If the venue requires a special setup, the sponsoring organization must supply at least four (4) volunteers a minimum of two (2) hours prior to the event.  The sponsoring organization must also assist with changing the room setup after the event ends.
  • If the special event creates a large amount of trash (i.e. from food being served), the sponsoring organization must assist with cleanup after the event, including but not limited to wiping down tables, sweeping the floor and emptying the trash.
  • With the exception of University Hall Council, this venue is not to be used for weekly meetings by student organizations or campus departments.
  • Dance parties must abide by the same policies in place for the Garrett Center.
  • Televisions will be turned off during special events.


Eurest Dining Services is the official food service vendor for the University and will work with sponsoring organizations on providing food for their events.  If an organization wishes to bring in food from an outside vendor, they must receive permission from the Director of Dining Services, 677-3210.

Bradley Tech Crew

If special technical needs are required for a special event, the sponsoring organization must contact the Bradley Tech Crew at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.  Charges are dependent on setup and personnel needs.


12’x12’ – six 4’x6’ pieces which can be rearranged

Seating for Special Events

Cabaret Style: 17 tables of 4 chairs for a total of 68; Theatre Style: 100

In-House Audio Visual Equipment

Projector and screen, DVD/VCR, 1 lavaliere cordless microphone

Hours of Operation



Food Service Hours of Operation