Student Activities Budget Review Committee

All full-time undergraduate students (those taking 9 or more credit hours) pay an $85 per semester activity fee. The purpose of SABRC is to allocate these funds to student organizations for campus-wide events. The SABRC panel is comprised solely of students whose goal is to offer a diverse set of programs on campus that are both entertaining and educational in nature.

Please peruse the subpages of SABRC's website and contact any of the following individuals with questions related to the SABRC process!  Please review SABRC's constitution if you are interested in learning the details of how the organization and funding process functions.

NOTE: Student organizations that receive SABRC funding must include SABRC's logo on any promotional materials (handouts, posters, t-shirts, customized promo items, etc.).  Download the new, official SABRC logo here.

Nick Clark
SABRC Chairperson

Kristin Kreher
SABRC Vice-Chairperson

Tom Coy
Director of Student Activities

Lauren Smetana
Assistant Director of Student Activities