Student Services

Vice President for Student Affairs

Nathan Thomas
100 Sisson Hall, ext. 3140

The Division of Student Affairs provides a wide variety of services and activities to students to enhance their University experience. The environment shaped by Student Affairs provides opportunities for the deliberate and total development of the whole student, encompassing experiences beyond the classroom and addressing the diversities of the environment in which they reside and in responding to student needs.

We believe that what students experience outside of the classroom experience influences their aspirations, development, achievements and is integral to their development at Bradley University. Our goal is to ensure an enriched environment for learning, personal growth, and satisfaction for Bradley University students.

The Division of Student Affairs complements and supports the academic experience through programming, student organizations, and resources that assist a student in discovering their place, getting involved, and being their best.

Academic Exploration Program

The Academic Exploration Program at Bradley University is a uniquely designed program that assists students in identifying their academic interests, skill sets, and career options that reflect personal values and aspirations.

The Academic Exploration Program provides students with the support, guidance, and tools to determine an academic major.  All Bradley students are eligible to utilize the resources within the Academic Exploration Program at any time during their academic career.  Students may declare their major as AEP, while they receive academic advising and go through the seminar class guided to help in the decision-making process of selecting the best major based on their academic skill sets and interests.

Do you have questions about registration, requirements, drop/add, academic majors, tutors, and other advisement concerns? Call the "Advisement Hotline" Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., for assistance, ext. 2420.

Commuter Student Services

Greg Haines, Assistant Director
100 Heitz Hall, ext. 2415

This office helps to coordinate special services and programs that are designed to meet the unique needs of off-campus and nontraditional students. Additional program information for nontraditional students is available through the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development, Continuing Education Bldg. Nontraditional students are invited to make use of the Garrett Center and the Michel Student Center.  

Diversity & Inclusion

Norris Chase, Executive Director
Located on the 2nd Floor of the Romeo B. Garrett Cultural Center

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) was established to advance Bradley University’s commitment to diversity, and enhance underrepresented students access and success at the university. The ODI seeks to foster the university community to continually seek to provide a climate that is supportive, inclusive, and appreciative of diverse identities and ideals. This is achieved through our annual programs, diversity awareness outreach, and student support programs.  ODI's aim is also to provide support to the growing international student population through advising.

Annual Programs

  • Welcome Week Programming
  • Graduation Banquet
  • Annual Dr. Romeo B. Garrett Week
  • Diversity Dinner

Diversity Awareness Outreach

  • Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration
  • African American History Month Celebration
  • Tunnel of Oppression
  • Campus Diversity Training
  • Bradley Advocating for Diversity (B.A.D.)

Student Support Programs

  • ODI Peer Mentor Program
  • Cultural Student Organization Advising

Space Amenities:

  • 1st Floor Auditorium with Projector and Screen
  • Computer Lab with Printer
  • Conference Room
  • Lounge Space
  • Study Rooms
  • Auditorium and Conference Center

*The Romeo B. Garrett Cultural Center is located across from Williams Hall

Housing Office (Center for Residential Living)

Ryan Bair, Director
133 Sisson Hall, ext. 3221

Housing is responsible for room assignments within the residence hall system and supports the residence hall staff (Residence and Community Directors and Assistant/Resident Advisors). The residence hall system facilitates maintenance and repairs for daily problems through the Facilities Management Department. Student security personnel are assigned to each residence hall and supervised by the Housing Office. The office manages twelve residence halls and the Student Apartment Complex.

International Student Services

(See Diversity & Inclusion)

Learning and Access, Center for

Lynne Branham, Interim Director
313 Library, ext. 4356

Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The Center for Learning and Access (CLA) provides assistance for students with their college experience. The people who use the CLA are a diverse group: students who have higher GPAs and want to keep them, students who have lower GPAs and want to improve them, and everyone in between. Many of the students are self-referred to the CLA or are referred by faculty, staff, resident advisors, or friends

Bradley undergraduate students may receive two hours of free peer tutoring per week. Tutor contact information is available online through the CLA or tutoring website.  Students log in using their user name and passwords to access tutor names and availability.  Funding for tutoring is paid for in part by the Bradley Parents' Association.

Bradley University requires participation in the Turning Point Program (TPP) for students placed on academic probation for the first time. Once final semester grades are processed, students are notified in writing about being automatically enrolled in the TPP program.

The CLA assists students with identified disabilities by providing reasonable accommodations. Students who wish to request a reasonable accommodation must submit appropriate documentation of the disability to the Director of the CLA. Students will be offered help advocating for identified accommodations and learning support throughout their years here at the University.  Support utilizing assistive technology is also available.

Lewis J. Burger Center for Student Leadership and Public Service

Jessica Chandler, Director
20A Harper Hall, ext.. 3682

The Lewis J. Burger Center for Student Leadership and Public Service represents the University's commitment to educate and prepare our students for civic responsibility to become committed leaders for the 21st century. By involving our students in a myriad of service activities and leadership programs, the Center will benefit the Bradley students, the Central Illinois Community and our society.

The Center has three main components:

  1. Volunteer Opportunities - including Service on Saturday and Volunteer Placement Booklets, individual or group volunteer placements, Students Today Leaders Forever Pay it Forward Spring Break Tour

  2. Programs - including the Bradley University Leadership Conference, LINCS (peer to peer leadership facilitation), Students Today Leaders Forever Pay it Forward Spring Break Tour, and the Leadership Studies Minor

  3. The Student Leadership and Public Service Fellows Program

In addition, the Center provides information on a wide range of peer advising, leadership consulting, and service and leadership opportunities throughout the United States. Each year Bradley will designate 15 freshmen as Student Leadership and Public Service Fellows selected through a competitive application process. Each Fellow will receive a $1,000/year scholarship for four years and, in addition to their normal course studies, agrees to complete 40 hours of volunteerism which prepares them for leadership roles and careers in public service.

The Center promotes service and leadership among the Bradley student body. It provides opportunities for students to be involved in community service and leadership activities and promotes the incorporation of a service component into the curriculum where appropriate.

Markin Center

120 Markin Center, ext.2677

The Markin Family Student Recreation Center opened in October 2008. The Markin Center houses 5 basketball courts, one being a Multi-Purpose Activity Court (MAC) and another being an Intramural Performance Court along with a 6-lane, 25-yard swimming pool, 2 racquetball courts, a climbing wall and a bouldering wall. It is also the home to 3 multi-purpose rooms, a suspended, 1/8 mile, jogging/walking track, a group fitness room, a spinning room, a juice bar and a vast selection of cardio and weight training equipment. Policies and procedures of the Markin Center are available in the Campus Recreation Office as well as online at

The Markin Center, scheduled through the Campus Recreation Office, is designed for use by all Bradley students, faculty and staff. The various facility areas are used for informal recreation, intramural sports events, fitness classes, and club and student organization activities. Students, faculty and staff members must swipe a valid Bradley ID into the turnstiles to be allowed access to the facility. Access will be denied if ID is not present or declined.  Visit to view our Hours of Operation.

A locker is a wise acquisition if you plan to use the Markin Center regularly. Lockers can be purchased in the Campus Recreation Office. Whether you choose to purchase a locker or not, you are encouraged to leave any valuables at home.

If you are interested in playing racquetball, it is usually necessary to make a reservation at one of our two available courts. Courts can be reserved up to a day in advance and the reservation sheets are located at the Control Desk in the Markin Center. All reservations must be made in person; no reservations will be taken over the phone.

At various times during the year, scheduled events and activities may impact the availability of some areas of the Markin Center. Every attempt will be made to post changes in hours. Call ext. 2677 to check space availability.

Guest Passes

  • A guest pass will be issued to a person who wishes to enter the facility and must be sponsored by a current student or Markin Privilege-holding faculty/staff member.   Alumni can also purchase a guest pass.
  • Each student, faculty, or staff member may sponsor only ONE guest per day.
  • The cost for a guest pass is $5.00 per visit and can be purchased in the Campus Recreation Office during regular business hours or at the Control Desk during off-hours.
  • The student, faculty, or staff members must present a valid ID to the Facility Supervisor before a guest pass will be issued to any individual.
  • Each student, faculty, or staff member is required to accompany the guest while in the Markin Center in addition to being responsible for the guest’s behavior. Unaccompanied or disruptive guests will be asked to leave the facility.

Faculty/Staff Passes

Faculty and staff members who wish to use the Markin Center can purchase the privilege in the Campus Recreation Office. The pass is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the respective years.

Family Passes

Family passes for the immediate family and dependents of students, faculty, and staff are available, in the Campus Recreation Office. The family members of faculty and staff will only be issued family passes if the faculty or staff member has purchased the privilege to use the Markin Center. Family members are limited to posted Family Hours of the facility. The Family Member Pass must be presented to be allowed into the building. Family members are not allowed to sponsor guests.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are run by the Campus Recreation Office and take place in the Markin Center, Meinen Field, Markin Tennis Courts as well as a few other locations in the community. Intramural sports are Bradley’s effort to provide all students with opportunities for physical fitness and participation in structured athletic events. There are over 20 organized intramural sports events that are open to all students, regardless of their experience or skill level. For more information call ext. 2677, stop by the Campus Recreation Office, Room 120, or visit our website at

Minority Student Services

(See Diversity and Inclusion)

Off-Campus Properties Office

Greg Colwell, General Manager
1103 W Main St, Office Ext. 2100

The Off-Campus Properties Office is responsible for various university owned properties that do not directly lie within the University's main footprint including primary oversight of St James Apartments.  Day to day operations including leasing, room assignments, maintenance and St James accounting services are all managed from this office.  St James Apartments exclusively houses upper classmen and graduate students in 17 buildings located to the East of Campus.  We provide a unique opportunity for students to experience apartment style living with the benefits of living in university housing and all within walking distance of campus

Office for Transfer Student Assistance (OTSA)

The Office for Transfer Student Assistance (OTSA) provides general academic advisement to students who have transferred to Bradley University. This office also coordinates workshops and presentations that assist transfer students in their transition to the institution beyond orientation programming. OTSA provides advisory services to the Transfer Student Advisory Council student organization, guidance and resources for students before and after they have transferred, oversight of the Transfer Aide program, administration of the Transfer Community, and instruction of the transfer student specific section of EHS 120: The University Experience.

Orientation and Advisement

David Trillizio
100 Heitz, ext. 2420

The Center assists students in transitioning to Bradley University through first-year programs that help students right from the start. Orientation allows new parents, family members, guests, first-year students, and transfer students to learn about the myriad of services that Bradley University offers while providing opportunities to network with each other—thereby easing the transition into the University.

Student Aides are students who are hired to assist in the implementation of all aspects of student and parent orientation programming.  Throughout all 12 two and a half day summer orientation sessions, Student Aides live on campus and aid new students with class schedules and integration into the university through numerous one-on-one and small group meetings and/or activities.

Transfer Aides are students who have successfully navigated the transition from their previous two or four-year institution(s).  Each of them serves as a mentor to incoming transfer students and is responsible for communicating and building relationships with new transfer students both prior to and after their arrival on campus.  Transfer Aides also provide assistance during transfer registration days, transfer orientation sessions and programming throughout the year.

The Center is responsible for the Academic Exploration Program which assists students who seek guidance about academic major and career choices. The program provides students with the support and tools to assess themselves, the resources to explore academic and career options, and numerous opportunities to interact one-on-one with their academic advisor, who may also be their instructor for the Student Planning Seminar Course (AEP 100). Students may also utilize the academic advising hotline—regardless of their major.  Please visit us with any questions or concerns.

Residential Living, Center for

133 Sisson Hall, ext. 3221

Ryan Bair, Director, Residential Living
135 Sisson Hall, ext. 3218

The Center for Residential Living is responsible for the general welfare of residence hall students, particularly concerning their out-of-class activities, living environment, and leadership development. Additionally, the Center coordinates room assignments and administers the student judicial system.

Residential Living hires and trains the residence hall staff for the university’s residence halls. They include: University Hall, Geisert Hall, Harper Hall, Wyckoff Hall, Heitz Hall, Williams Hall, College Hall, Wendle Hall, Elmwood Hall, Lovelace Hall, and Student Apartment Complex. Juniors and seniors have the option of moving into St. James apartments operated by Bradley University's off-campus property management office.

Smith Career Center

Jon C. Neidy, Executive Director
Burgess Hall, ext. 2510

The Smith Career Center assists students in exploring and defining career options, developing job search strategies, obtaining career-related work experience, and identifying and connecting with prospective employers. The center provides individual career advisement, job search workshops, a one-credit course in job search strategy, several job fairs, a graduate/professional school fair, campus interviews with prospective employers, and extensive online resources at

Through the Smith Career Center’s Bradley network, students may submit resumes, review job listings, and coordinate campus interviews. Use of Bradley netWORK is restricted to currently enrolled Bradley University students and alumni.

Extensive web-based resources are available to help students learn more about career information, job availability, and networking. Typically, 400 or more employers visit the Bradley campus each year to consider Bradley candidates for internship, cooperative education, summer, part-time and full-time jobs. Students have the opportunity to meet employers during special presentations, job fairs, and campus interviews.

The Marjorie and Bill Springer Center for Excellence in Internships: With the establishment of the Marjorie and Bill Springer Center for Excellence in Internships in 2008, Bradley University and the Smith Career Center rededicated the commitment to providing students with opportunities for career-related work experience. The Center provides resources to help students secure meaningful internships, co-ops, and part-time jobs. A centralized Cooperative Education and Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to register their internship for official transcript notation and possible credit. 

Internship/Cooperative Education Program

Please review the program on our website at

Misrepresentation Policy

Please review the policy at

Campus Interview and Special Event Cancellation/No-show Policy:

Please review the policy at

Student Activities

Tom Coy, Director
028 Student Center, ext. 3050

Michael Croal, Assistant Director, ext. 3050

Nancy Schwartz, Assistant Director, Fraternity and Sorority Life
043 Student Center, ext. 2428

Student Activities provides support services to all students involved in co-curricular activities. Services are offered to over 240 registered organizations including the Activities Council, residence hall units, SABRC, Student Senate, cultural, international, graduate students, the Fraternity and Sorority Life Community, professional societies, and service organizations. Support services include program planning, leadership development, organizational and audience development, contract negotiation, major concert production, film and video, posting validation, promotion and publicity, talent acquisition and financial management. The office manages the Sisson Hall Student Organization offices, Lydia’s Lounge and use of campus grounds. Student Activities sponsors several Bradley signature events including Welcome Week, Family Weekend, Homecoming, Siblings Weekend, and the Recognition Reception. 

Student Involvement, Center for

Mike Keup, Executive Director
120 Markin Center, ext. 2404

This unit provides a cohesive plan of programs, activities, events, and services designed to respond to the cultural, social, physical, and recreational needs of all students enrolled at Bradley. Opportunities for leadership and organization development are provided for students to learn new skills, broaden their abilities, and manage their organizational activities. Communication among faculty, administration, students, and staff is encouraged as a means to promote a well-informed campus community regarding student activities and government.

Student Support Services, Center for

Anne Hollis, Director
101 Sisson Hall, ext. 3658

The Center for Student Support Services is designed to offer guidance to students in times of need. Our mission is to provide personal attention and resources to students as they work to achieve their academic and personal goals. The Center serves as a major link between academic and student affairs striving to improve student retention through positive communication and relationships with students, faculty, staff and families. We will help students find the necessary information or resources so they may have a personally rewarding education at Bradley University.