The FISH! PhilosophyThe FISH! Philosophy © concepts are derived from the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle, Washington and are a product of ChartHouse Learning ©. The FISH! Philosophy focuses on creating an environment of shared ownership using open dialogue and discussion to improve relationships among co-workers.

In December of 2005, the LJB Center welcomed the FISH! Philosophy to our growing list of resources with the support of a grant from the Community Foundation of Central Illinois.

Bradley University students can become trained in the four FISH! Philosophy ingredients:

Choose your Attitude.

Choose your Attitude
  • We live fully engaged lives.
  • We live in our choices.
  • We are responsible for how our choices affect others.
  • We believe in living on purpose and utilizing our talents.
  • We are students, always open to new ideas.
  • Make your choice before you get out of bed.



  • We are child-like.
  • We live in wonder.
  • We think.
  • We keep our curiosity alive and trust it to lead to better solutions.
  • In our play, new ideas arise.


Make Their Day

Make Their Day

  • We are passionate about serving.
  • If you love your job, it’s going to show.
  • Let others be a part of the fun – include them!
  • We are mindful of the needs of others.
  • We do our best to put "helping others" in balance with our business goals.


Be There

Be There

  • We live in the present.
  • Make someone the only person in the room.
  • We soulfully listen (really listen).
  • We live in the question "Who am I being while I'm doing what I'm doing?"
  • We are respectful in all our interactions.
  • Don’t daydream.
  • Be engaged in your work.
  • Include others in your fun.
  • Be externally focused, even if you are having internal turmoil and issues.


When an organization requests a workshop from the "Philosophers," the facilitators tailor the presentation to fit what the organization needs.  We have very different audiences for these presentations and hand select the activities and initiatives we use with each group, based on the demographics of the audience and the overall goal of the workshop (professional development, team building, morale, work/life balance, etc).

What can FISH! do for you?

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FISH! for Life Copyright © 2007 ChartHouse Learning Corporation, used with written permission for internal use at Bradley University. All rights reserved.