Meet the Teams

The Bradley Fund Phone A Thon program hires Bradley students to raise money for the University. We phone alumni, parents and friends of Bradley and update their contact information, tell them what’s happening on campus, and secure gifts for the University.

The Bradley Fund Phone a Thon is one large family! The student callers are led by the Bradley Fund Intern team. The BFund calling room has been described as the best job on campus! We emphasize team work and goal setting. It’s great to be able to reach alumni and talk about their lives and their experiences at Bradley.

You are always welcome to drop in and see how things are going in the Bradley Fund Phone room!


Bradley Fund Interns

Kate Schalk, Daniela Miranda, Hannah Gates, and Denzel Washington

Team Monsieur Brunette!

Team Leader: Dan Belles

“Talking to alumni can open future employment opportunities. If you network with alumni you gain a valuable reference to use in the future.”

Team Colonel Mustard!

Team Leader: Eliana Toren

“The cutting edge research we're able to do in our labs here at Bradley wouldn't be possible without the consistent generosity from our alums.”

Team Professor Plum!

Team Leader: Guadalupe Paniagua

“The Bradley Fund provides more than a job for students. It's a place to make connections and relationships with other students outside your major and culture. It's an environment that allows everyone to work together and makes everyone feel welcomed. I wouldn't want to devote my time to any other on campus job besides the B Fund!”

Team Miss Scarlet!

Team Leader: Hannah Argadine

“The Bradley Fund helps develop great interpersonal skills and it gives you the opportunity to work in a fun environment with great people!”

Team Mrs. Peacock!

Team Leader: Joe Sedlacko

“I think the Bradley Fund is a great way to talk to alumni and hear about Bradley from their perspective!”

Team Mrs. White!

Team Leader: Lauren Bourret

"The Bradley Fund not only raises money for various parts of campus that are important to all students, but it also encourages connections between students and alumni. The Bradley Fund goes out of its way to remind former students of Bradley that they are still an essential part of campus, and I love working for an organization that does this."

Team Miss Peach!

Team Leader: Kaylynn Sims

"The Bradley Fund fundraises not only for the university, but for the students that attend the university. The scholarships that we receive from alumni could not be more appreciated. On its own, the university would not be able to provide all students with the extra help that they may need to attend Bradley. By bringing in those scholarships, we ensure that there are going to be more great minds here at Bradley. The more scholarships that are able to go to students, the larger group of diverse minds that can become additions here on campus."

Team Mr. Green!

Team Leader: Rachel Burba

“The Bradley Fund not only helped my communications skills grow immensely, but also allowed me to connect with alumni. The alumni know the reality of graduating from the university, which allows me to ask them for advice. Working at the Bradley Fund has been extremely beneficial.”