Graduation - Important Dates

December 2014

  • Sep.05, Undergraduate Applications for Dec graduation must be on file with the Registrar's Office. 
  • Sept.19, Deadline for proof of registration for transfer work to be received by Registrar's Office.
  • Oct.15, Deadline to apply to participate in May Commencement with requirements to be met January Interim, 2015.
  • Nov.25, Approved Undergraduate candidates posted in academic deans' offices for participation in Dec Commencement
  • Dec 6, Graduate students: thesis must be on file in the Graduate School
  • Dec 6, Graduate students: comprehensive assessment must be on file in the Graduate School
  • Dec 20, Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony 9:30 a.m., Bradley Renaissance Coliseum
  • Dec 20, Graduate Commencement Ceremony 9:30 a.m., Bradley Renaissance Coliseum



  • Apply online via Webster. Online applications are only accepted through the 3rd fall week. After that Webster will not allow you to apply online for the current graduation date, and you must turn in a paper application to the Registrar’s Office, Swords Hall Room 11.
  • You may print an application here:Undergraduate Application for Graduation
  • After an application is turned into the Registrar's Office, any further questions should be directed to your dean's office.


  • You may find information here


Click here for Commencement Information. Questions concerning the Commencement ceremony should be directed to the Chair of Commencement Activities at 309-677-2334. 

Posted List Of Approved Graduation Candidates