Monthly Departmental Reports

All financial reports except for endowment reports are distributed electronically each month to designated financial officers.  The financial officer may also designate others to receive the reports such as department chairs, department heads, secretaries, etc.  The reports are delivered on-line through the faculty/staff portal  via the Document Management System (DocSoup).   Each month (on approximately the fifth business day after month-end or, in the case of restricted accounts, in the middle of the month), emails are sent to each designated recipient stating that they have “action items” in the DocSoup section of their MYBU portal.  The “action item” directs to the monthly report(s) which can then be printed or saved.  When acknowledging receipt, the reports will be archived permanently in the Action Item History location of DocSoup.

For Instructions to access the reports, see DocSoup Instructions. Additionally, the email alert as illustrated in the DocSoup Instructions will also provide step-by-step instructions on how to view and respond to the Action Item

For account questions and DocSoup maintenance, please contact:

  • Allyn Kosenko - 11, 12 (Operating) Accounts
  • Michele Wilson - 13, 26, 29 Accounts
  • Terry Kenny - 27, 28 and 81 Accounts
  • Debi Henry - 9x or Agency  Accounts