Graphic Identity Standards

In order to present a consistent, unified, and effective graphic image, Bradley must consistently coordinate the appearance of its visual communication. To do so, University Marketing has developed the following graphic standards for the use of the wordmark. This document also contains instruction on Bradley University colors and fonts.


All marketing communication efforts at Bradley are tied together by a common element–the Bradley University wordmark–a type treatment of the words "Bradley University." It is a clean classical design, one that is intended to embody the University's stature, quality, and substantial history.

The wordmark cannot be accurately replicated by just typing in the letters. The wordmark must not be rekeyed, redrawn, reproportioned or modified in any form. It is the University's official signature and must be reproduced from original artwork.

Bradley wordmark, PMS 186

Bradley wordmark, black

Bradley wordmark, PMS 186 reversed

Wordmark color

Whenever possible, the wordmark should appear in red (PMS 186) with a black rule. Only when other color/design ingredients make the use of red impossible, the wordmark may also appear in a single dark color (black preferred) or in white on a dark background. The wordmark may not be used over a photograph or pattern.

Wordmark size

The wordmark should be used in a size large enough to ensure legibility. The measurements listed below represent the minimum length of the wordmark for various publication sizes:

Size of publication and Minimum length
Larger than 8 1/2 x 11 inches - 2 inches
Smaller than 8 1/2 x 11 inches - 1 1/4 inches

Wordmark Spacing

To help ensure that the wordmark stands out, allow sufficient "buffer space" around it-- clear space without any other type or artwork. The standard amount of buffer space is the height of two vertical stacked Es from the “UNIVERSITY” part of the logo. The “E” measurement allows for correct spacing at any size.

Wordmark & College/Department/Program Name

When the College, Department or Program name appears with the wordmark, the size of the name should be approximately one-half (50%) the size of the “B” in the wordmark. The name should be in Sabon font, small caps and centered under the wordmark, maintaining appropriate buffer spacing around the wordmark. In no instance should the name be smaller than 9-point font to ensure legibility.

Bradley University Colors

Bradley’s official school colors are red and white but for purposes of graphic identity red and black are used.


Bradley University Red
Pantone 186 coated, uncoated
C: 0   M: 100   Y: 75   K: 4   (coated)
C: 1   M: 91   Y: 72   K: 3   (uncoated)
R: 165   G: 0   B: 0
HTML: #A50000


Bradley University Black
Pantone Black
C: 0   M: 0   Y: 0   K: 100
R: 0   G: 0   B: 0
HTML: #000000

Bradley University Official Fonts

Bradley University official fonts include a serif typeface, Sabon, and a sans-serif typeface, Gill Sans.

University Marketing & Publications

The quality of any organization is communicated through or reflected in the quality of its communications in all formats. Each year the University produces hundreds of brochures, invitations, manuals, guides, and other printed materials, in addition to a number of enewsletters, webpages, online communities, billboards, radio and television spots and videos. Each is an "ambassador" of the University. It is important that every one appears to be part of the same family by sharing certain graphic elements.

Print: Proper identification of Bradley University, using the wordmark, must be placed on the front of all University publications unless otherwise approved by the Office of University Marketing. University publications are those brochures, booklets, catalogs, bulletins, announcements, flyers, programs, invitations, posters, and like items that use the university name and are distributed off campus. University publications do not include student publications.

Television: All University video productions must incorporate the wordmark. The wordmark must be visible for a minimum of :03 seconds as part of the open and close of the video. Color and contrast guidelines stated previously should be followed.

PowerPoint and slide presentations: The University wordmark should be used to open and close University produced presentations to all external audiences. Color and contrast guidelines stated previously should be followed.

Official Web Sites: A content management system (CMS) is now being used to manage the University’s website. This CMS includes official templates that automatically adhere to the graphic identity standards for the web. Page managers should contact Jim Crone, Director of Web Marketing/Communications, ext. 3844 or, for additional information and instruction on the use of the CMS.

Samples or mock-ups of these materials should be submitted to University Marketing for approval prior to production and distribution. This will ensure proper compliance with the guidelines and will enable University Marketing to have a clear understanding of the different materials and messages being disseminated.


Stationery is the primary means of communicating Bradley's image at the personnel level. Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, and related items should be consistent for all University units.

Letterhead: All stationery items follow a standard format featuring the Bradley University wordmark as the primary design element. The name of the unit, college, address, and/or telephone numbers (desk/fax/800) are positioned at the bottom of the page in Sabon type face. (See example). Letterhead may not be preprinted with an individual's name, phone number, or fax number. (The general public perceives personalized letterhead as wasteful.) Your typed closing and signature are sufficient. Other logos are not permitted on University stationery. They detract from a unified University image, increase visual clutter, and take attention away from the message.

Formal stationery items will be printed in two colors of ink, red (PMS 186) and black.

View a graphical sample of the letterhead. Go>

Envelopes: The return address is positioned in the upper left corner of the mailing panel of the envelope. The return address should include the name of your unit, college, and 1501 West Bradley Avenue, Peoria, Illinois 61625.

View a graphical sample of the envelope. Go>

How to Order Letterhead and Envelopes: Once per year, in April or May, Gloria Arrington, General Services Supervisor, distributes by email an order form for letterhead and envelopes for the next fiscal year. All campus orders are then compiled and printed together for maximum cost effectiveness. In the event a new office/department is established or there is a department/office name change during the fiscal year, a special order may be placed by contacting Gloria in Macmillan Hall, Room 100, 677-2925, If an office/department runs out of letterhead or envelopes before the end of the fiscal year, they may contact Gloria to purchase generic University stock for use until the next campus order. This process helps to maintain consistency in design and color as well as the speed and efficiency of all stationery orders.

Paper: Neenah, 24# Classic Laid recycled Bright White. A 20#, plain white bond may also be used to economize on mass mailings involving laser printers.

Business Cards: University business cards are the only stationery item that you may personalize. Your Bradley business card is to include University business information only. Name, title, college (if applicable), street address, city, state, zip code and office telephone number need to be on all business cards. Additional information including fax number, 800-number, cellular phone number, pager, or home phone number may be included if it has direct application to University business and if it fits within the maximum number of lines of information allowed.

Individuals are encouraged to use Bradley's homepage web address: on business cards. Addresses for other Bradley websites which have direct application to University business (eg. athletics, alumni relations, admissions) may be used with prior approval of the Office of University Marketing. No web addresses for personal home pages are allowed on business cards.

There are two versions of business cards. Version A has a maximum of six lines of information. Version B has a maximum of nine lines of information. The back of the business card may be used for foreign language translations only. University funds may be used to only purchase business cards that follow the two approved formats below.

View graphical samples of the business cards. Go>

How to Order Paper and Business Cards: Order forms for plain stationery paper and personalized business cards may be obtained through Instructional Technology and Media Services, Jobst Hall, Room 228, 677-2343. Submit the completed order form along with a requisition to Purchasing, Swords Hall, Room 103. This process helps to maintain consistency in design and color as well as the speed and efficiency of all stationery paper and business card orders.

Universiyt SealOther Authorized University Marks

Bradley Seal

The seal is an official symbol of the University used for diplomas, certificates, plaques, documents of an official nature, and on formal communications by the President. For uses other than those listed above, please consult with the Office of University Marketing. For approved uses of the seal, original artwork can be obtained by contacting the Office of University Marketing.


Athletic Logo

The Bradley Athletics logo is used to represent the Athletic Department and its activities and programs. Complete guidelines for use of the Bradley Athletics logo are available at the Athletics website. Any use of the Bradley Athletics logo is to be approved by the Athletics Department. For usage approval please contact Brett Burchette, ext. 2633 or

Other Authorized Subordinate Symbols

No unauthorized wordmark, logo or graphic element may be used to represent the University or any of its colleges, schools, divisions, departments, programs or offices. However, units with significant external responsibilities or a high level of public visibility may have distinct logos that may be used as subordinate symbols with the wordmark with prior approval from the Office of University Marketing. Those units that have been approved to date include: the Institute for Learning in Retirement, Bradley University Institute for Gifted and Talented Youth, Center for Executive and Professional Development and WCBU. University Marketing recognizes some other departments and programs are using subordinate symbols, such as Leadership Development Center, Institute of Principled Leadership in Public Service, Continuing Education, Project Springboard and the Theresa S. Falcon Executive MBA; however the University reserves the right to change these symbols or the use thereof at any time.

Legal Considerations

The name Bradley University is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and Bradley University has exclusive ownership rights regarding the use of the name.

Any groups intending to use the name Bradley University or any authorized University marks in the production of any promotional items (T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) with the intent of resale must have the design approved by University Marketing and use vendors who are approved under the University's licensing program through Licensing Resource Group. A list of approved vendors is available through the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs, ext. 3150.

Any questions regarding these standards should be directed to the Office of University Marketing.