Support Program for Students on Academic Probation

Bradley University requires participation in the Turning Point Retention Program for students placed on academic probation for the first time, and for selected students who have been academically reinstated by the Academic Review Board. Once probation status is recognized at semester's end, students are automatically enrolled in the Turning Point Program, listed as AEP 115 section 10 on their course schedule.  

The program begins with an individual assessment of each student’s academic needs. Students are then required to register for an AEP115 Learning Enhancement Strategies Seminar class with the Coordinator of the Turning Point Program in the Center for Learning and Access. Topics covered include time management, study strategies, test anxiety, learning styles, test taking and memory strategies, note taking and textbook reading strategies, motivation, and goal setting. Through participation in the weekly AEP115 class and individual meetings with TPP staff, students will be given the study strategies, motivation, and encouragement they need to achieve their academic goals.  

For further information about the Turning Point Program, contact the Center for Learning and Access, 3rd Floor Cullom-Davis Library, (309) 677-3654.