Tutor Trac Instructions

Make an Appointment

**Note:  You may receive up to 4 hours of tutoring per two week cycle.  Refer to the opening screen of the Tutor Trac site for the dates of each cycle.

  1. Using Firefox as your browser > A to Z index > T > Tutoring > First "click here" under Resources.
  2. Log in to TUTOR TRAC with the ID and password you use for Webster.
  4. From the drop down list, click on the Center: CENTER FOR LEARNING ASSISTANCE.
  5. From the Section drop down screen, pick the class in which you are seeking a tutor.  YOU MUST CHOOSE A CLASS to find the correct consultant to help you.
  6. Click on the SEARCH button.
    • **NOTE:  If no tutors are available for the course you requested, click on the blue words that say “Click Here” in the middle of the screen and fill out the form. Every effort will be made to locate a tutor for you
  7. Click on the TIME of the appointment that fits your schedule.
    • Most appointments will be INDIVIDUAL (one-on-one) appointments and will be green in color on the screen.
    • If the tutor’s availability is for a large range of time (i.e. noon to 5 pm) you will have the ability to choose a time slot within that larger time frame.  For example, you can choose 1:30-2:45 for your appointment time. This is done on the next screen.
    • If you see blue appointment blocks, these are drop in sessions. You will not need to click on the appointment, just go to the indicated location and a tutor will be there to help you.
  8. After you choose an appointment time, another screen will come up.
    • If necessary, click on the clocks to change the appointment time.
    • Under "reason" choose one-on-one tutoring.
    • Enter your cell phone number.
    • In the "notes" box, enter any information that might be helpful for the tutor.  You might mention what you are working on in class, the teacher's name, and the specific problem you are having with the class.
    • Leave the Fund box blank.

You will receive an email with the scheduled appointment date and time along with the tutor’s name and contact information. The tutor will also receive an email with your information. IF YOU NOTICE THAT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS WRONG, you can correct it for FUTURE appointments by logging into your Webster Account and click on the blue button at the top of the screen that says CHANGE ADDR. You can then add your cell phone number so that the tutor will have it for any last minute emergencies. 

           10. If you do not attend your tutoring appointment, it will be considered a "missed session". Three missed sessions in any given semester will result in an inactive status in the TutorTrac system.

Cancel an Appointment

  • Log in to TUTOR TRAC with the ID and password you use for Webster. 
  • On the opening screen you will have a list of your upcoming appointments. If you want to cancel an existing appointment, click on the gray X in the circle. The computer will ask you if you are sure you want to cancel the appointment. You and your tutor will receive an email with regarding the cancellation.
  • If you cancel an appointment within two hours of the start time, it will be considered a "missed session". (Refer to #10 above)

Check Visit History

  • Refer to the opening screen of TutorTrac to see the dates of the current 2-week cycle.
  • After logging in to TutorTrac click on "Visit History" button.
  • In the search window, enter the dates separated by 3 dots (mm/dd/yy...mm/dd/yy). Click Enter. 
  • To see if you are within your 4 hours every 2 weeks, add up the numbers in the "Hrs" column.