Career Spots 
What is "networking"? Networking is a way to:

  • Find the "hidden" job market
  • Contact people of all types
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Make people aware of your career interests and goals

Bradley's BU Mentor Program

  • Student Information Guide
  • Networking groups on LinkedIn that allows Bradley students to connect with professionals in various fields.

Information from LinkedIn

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Sources of Possible Contacts

  • "Warm" contacts: (people you know)
    • Friends of parents and parents of friends
    • Professors, friends, relatives, former employers or any professionals these people recommend
    • Members of campus-based organizations you belong to now (advisor, upperclassmen, others)
    • Your career advisor
  • "Cold" contacts: (people you are meeting)
    • Members of professional organizations
    • People in the information business-resource center directors or librarians
    • Human resources directors, public relations officials, or public information specialists
    • Community service agencies and area chambers of commerce
    • BU Mentor, an online network of Bradley Parents and alumni willing to serve as career mentors.
    • BUConnect (User ID and password required. Student access available from the Alumni Relations Office)

How to contact people in a network

  • Contacting by phone:
    • Consider calling before 9:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m.
    • Offer a personal introduction
    • Identify your purpose for seeking an appointment
    • If you are calling as a result of a referral, state that person's name early in the conversation
    • Arrange a mutually convenient time
    • Indicate that you need only 20-30 minutes of their time
    • Express a need for a personal interview as opposed to a telephone conversation
  • Contacting by letter or e-mail:
    • Offer a personal introduction
    • Identify your purpose for seeking a meeting
    • Type all letters in a business format and double check for good grammar and spelling
    • Always indicate in the closing paragraph that you will either:
      • Call on a specific date (usually one week after you mail the letter) to arrange for a convenient appointment time
      • Follow up with additional questions (e-mail)

Networking and Your Job Search - from the Riley Guide