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Understanding Job Offers

Salary Information

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Average Salary with a Bachelor's Degree in:

Discipline Average Salary
Accounting $55,600
Accounting 3/2 Undergrad/Graduate Program $66,300
Finance $59,500
International Business $46,100
Management & Administration $58,200
Management Information Systems $65,000
Marketing $46,100
Marketing Professional Selling $57,500
Advertising $47,100
Public Relations $45,000
Learning Behavior Specialist I $43,500
Civil Engineering $60,000
Electrical Engineering $63,700
Industrial Engineering - Engineering Management $57,100
Mechanical Engineering $63,700
Biology $41,800
Computer Science $67,500
Psychology $36,900
Social Work $37,100
**Reprinted from the Fall 2010 Salary Survey, with the permission of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, copyright holder.