Shared Access Email Addresses

Shared email addresses are of two types one is to allow the origination of emails to groups that come from an address like Office of the President. This type of address generally does not receive email, although it could. The second type is set up to receive mail and allow for distributing the work among staff. For example, receives mail which is then processed by many admissions counselors.

An account is created which is not tied to an individual but rather to a group of individuals. The administrator for the shared account (account administrator) determines which individuals are to have access to the mailbox and maintain account access membership (adding and removing members). Individuals who process the information are called delegates.

To view the shared mailbox:

  • Click on the triangle to the right of your email address in the upper right corner of your mail screen.
  • Click on the Switch account in the lower right of the drop down window.
  • Select the appropriate account.

This opens a new window in your browser to process mail in the shared account.

As a delegate you may:

  • See all the mail in the account.
  • Attach labels to the mail.
  • Archive the mail (This simple removes the Inbox label from the item).
  • Reply to a message or originate a new message from this account.
    • Email that you send will be sent From: by your address.
    • So this tracks who responded to any message in the account.
  • You can for example attach a label that indicates who is taking care of each message. Since you can attach multiple labels to any message, you could also attach a label that identifies the status of the processing.

This approach to Shared Access Email Addresses

  • Allows you to track all the mail in and out of the account
  • Keep track of who responded to each email
  • Track the actions of every person with mail processor access.

To request a shared or delegated email address/mailbox, please fill out the form below.