Virus Information and Protection

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Virus Information and Protection

Expired Anti-Virus protection

If you have a computer that is more than two years old, it is possible that your anti-virus Program, Symantec Endpoint Protection, has expired and needs to be replaced. Contact the Technology HelpDesk at extension 2964 to arrange for updated anti-virus software to be installed.

To check if Symantec Endpoint Protection is on your PC, go to the START MENU, then ALL PROGRAMS and see if there is a Symantec Endpoint Protection folder.

To check if Symantec Endpoint Protection is on your Mac, go to the APPLICATIONS folder and see if there is a Symantec Endpoint Protection folder.

What is a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses are programs intended to harm your computer system and steal your data. Like biological viruses, they are written to multiply and spread from computer to computer over the network. Viruses generally exploit a security vulnerability in the computer's operating system which allows them to spread and create as much damage as possible. Viruses can shut down entire networks and have been known to cost millions of dollars in lost productivity and lost data. You must protect yourself against these virus attacks by using antivirus software on your computer and by staying aware of any new virus activity. The information below can help protect your computer against these unwanted infections.

Email Security Guidelines

Bradley University IRT will never ask for your user name or password via email. Do not open or provide a response to any email sent to you asking you to "update, change, verify, confirm, etc..." your email information and/or password.

Possible subject lines include:

  • Update your Bradley Account Now
  • Verify Your "" Webmail Account Now
  • Confirm Your E-Mail Address

Simply delete the e-mail. Never provide personal or account information through an e-mail solicitation, and always delete any e-mail that arrives with this type of request.

The only e-mail request that you will receive from Bradley e-mail administrators will be a notification that your BUnetID password is about to expire, and you will be provided with instructions to change it.

Phishing/Spam Email Red Flags

Think an email that you received is fraudulent? Review this PDF document created to help you recognize the "Red Flags " that a phishing/spam email will contain.

Install Free Anti-virus Software

Since installing excellent Anti-virus software is essential, Computing Services has made some suggestions for different operating systems. To download the FREE Anti-virus suggestions, please click here.