Meal Plan FAQ


Q: What is the difference between the new meal plan and the old ones?

A: The new meal plan is based on a meal per week system and the overhead line item has been removed.  With meals per week, participants are allotted a predetermined number of meals in the residence halls per week, as well as Dining Dollars to be used in the retail locations on campus, and Quick Cash.  This means that you can select the plan that fits your schedule and eating habits to balance between having meals in Geisert and Williams and using your Dining Dollars and Quick Cash in our other retail locations.

Q: Can I change a meal plan?

A: Yes, within two weeks of the current semester, anyone may change their meal plan if it does not meet their dining preferences or schedule.  The official last day to make a switch in the 2014 Spring semester is January 31.

Q: What are the benefits of having a meal plan?

A:  Convenience. Ease of use. Balanced meals. Meal plans are the most convenient way to take advantage of all of the food options on campus.  Whether you prefer to eat in Geisert and Williams or tend to stick to the P.O.D. or Stacks Café, a meal plan is the easiest way to dine and not have to carry around cash.  With any of the plans we have available, anyone on campus can eat whatever, whenever, and wherever! 

With a meal per week system, students no longer have to worry about planning your meals out throughout the semester, as a predetermined amount of meals are guaranteed each week.  No stress and no worry – participants can focus on other priorities.

Q: Difference between Quick Cash and Dining Dollars?

A:  Dining Dollars can be used at any of the dining locations on campus, including the residence halls.  Quick Cash can be used at any dining location on campus, at select locations around the University, and at the bookstore. 

Q: Who can purchase a meal plan?

A: Anyone living in a residential hall on campus is required to purchase either a 9 or 14 meals per week plan. Faculty, staff, or students at Bradley University are welcomed to purchase a full meal plan or Off-Campus plan at any time. 

Q: Can I add more money or meals per week to my meal plan?

A:  You can add money to your Dining Dollars at any time by going to Meals cannot be added; however, you can always use your Dining Dollars if there is a week when you find yourself running out of meal swipes.

Q: Can I charge my meal plan to my student account?

A: A full meal plan (9 or 14) will be charged to a student account if you are living in a residential hall on campus. Off campus students may do so as well, only if it has been signed up for and received through the Controller’s Office by 1/6/2014.  Even if you don’t want to charge it to your student account, meal Plans can be purchased at any time by visiting the Controller’s Office or online through

Q: What happens to any leftover meals per week or remaining Dining Dollars at the end of a semester?

A: If there are Dining Dollars left in your account at the end of a semester, a maximum of $100 Dining Dollars ($50 for Off-Campus meal plans) will be rolled over into Quick Cash.  Any unused meals per week do not roll over or transfer and will not be refunded.

Q: When do my weekly meals begin each week?

A: Meals will be loaded automatically onto your account before breakfast on Sunday morning each week.

Q: How much do meals cost at each location?

A: Geisert and Williams Dining Halls are our all you care to eat facilities, where you simply pay a flat rate at the door upon entering.  This rate varies on time of day and is listed below and published on and at each location every semester.   All other locations including the Student Center Food Court, P.O.D., Lydia’s Lounge, Stacks Café, Jerry’s Juice Bar, and Center Court are a la carte retail dining locations and prices vary between items.

Geisert and Williams Dining Hall Door Rates

Breakfast: $5.00

Lunch: $6.25

Dinner: $7.50 

Q: Can I bring a friend to a residence hall to eat with me if they do not have a meal plan?

A: Yes, you may use Dining Dollars or Quick Cash to bring a guest into the residential dining halls or to any retail location but a Meal Plan swipe is not permitted.

Q: Where can I use my meals?

A:  A meal swipe can be used at Geisert or Williams Dining Halls. Dining Dollars can be spent anywhere on campus, including the residence halls.

Q: What are the costs of a meal plan?

A: Both full meal plans for on campus students cost $1,900 per semester.  The following is breakdown of what each full plan includes:

14 meals per week plan

  • Meals per week : 14
  • Dining Dollars $350
  • Quick Cash: $125

9 meals per week plan

  • Meals per week:  9
  • Dining Dollars: $775
  • Quick Cash: $125


There are also two Off-Campus options available for commuter, part-time, and off campus students as well as faculty and staff. Off-Campus meal plans have a maximum roll over of $50 into Quick cash each semester. The following is a breakdown for these smaller plans:

3 meals per week plan: (Cost for plan is $500)

  • Meals per week: 3
  • Dining Dollars: $200
  • Quick Cash: $50

Express Dining Plan (Cost for plan is $350)

  • Dining Dollars: $350


Location Descriptions

The Student Center is now the student hang-out on campus with a new food court featuring Moe’s Southwest Grill, Chick-fil-A, Topio’s pizza and pasta, and Greens to Go salads and soup. Also in the Student Center there is an on-campus P.O.D. Market with grab and go salads and sandwiches along with snacks, a Starbucks coffee bar, and F’real milkshakes and smoothies to keep you going throughout the day.

Center Court has recently been transformed into a contemporary dining concept that incorporates classic favorites from the deli and grille along with a stir fry exhibition station featuring fresh, prepared-to-order menu items that rotate on a weekly basis. We have also implemented extended service hours, something that was desired by much of the student body.

Lydia’s Lounge in University Hall creates a new sense of freshman community on campus. The flexible gathering space, use of technology, and natural light of the space has quickly made it a student favorite. Our flexible menu includes items such as scones, breakfast sandwiches, soups, Java City fair trade coffee and tea, and a wide variety of cold beverages. Everyone can also stock their refrigerator with market items or purchase any health and beauty items they may need throughout the semester.

The Stacks Café in the Cullom-Davis Library is a full coffeehouse, featuring Starbucks coffee and Frappuccinos, with a variety of freshly baked pastries and desserts and grab and go salads and sandwiches to go along with your favorite Starbucks drink or Tazo Tea. The wall between the Café and library lounge has recently been removed to provide a more open and inviting atmosphere.

Jerry’s Juice Bar in the Markin Family Recreation Center, is home to our new all-natural smoothies and shakes program called Fuel. Fuel is a comprehensive juice bar program designed specifically for the health and fitness industry. Jerry’s is the center of activity for Bradley’s health-conscious students.

While everything has recently transformed in some way regarding the Bradley Dining Services, Geisert and Williams Dining Halls feature changes that you will primarily taste, rather than see. The menus have been altered to include more made-to-order food options, including vegan, vegetarian, kosher, and sustainable dining preferences. Both locations also feature our new Healthy for Life health and wellness platform and continue to be all you care to eat dining destinations.