Committee Charge

TO: Members of the Board of Trustees, Faculty and Staff

FROM: Joanne Glasser

SUBJECT: Campus update

DATE: February 15, 2013

Two weeks ago I sent a special campus communication outlining our budgetary outlook and the related challenges and opportunities we collectively face. In that message, I expressed a commitment to continue to communicate on resource issues and to seek your feedback. As an initial follow-up, I have formed a special presidential resources committee with the following charge:

  • Assess the current budgetary cycle and recommend refinements that could be considered to enhance planning, communication and execution of University resources.
  • Encourage and consider feedback that could suggest practical ways to enhance operating revenues and reduce expenses.
  • Identify any policies, procedures or practices that may inhibit alignment of University resources with operating priorities.
  • Share other resource observations as relevant.

I have asked the committee to focus on issues with a perspective in support of the University rather than that of a unit, college or division. In addition, I have requested the committee to provide a summary of observations on or before May 1, 2013, noting that certain opportunities may be communicated and addressed sooner as warranted. For purposes of inclusion, the committee will develop outlets and forums for all members of the University community to provide suggestions and ideas relevant to the committee’s charge. Mr. Gary Anna, Vice President for Business Affairs, will chair the committee comprised of the following members: Ms. Sandra Bury, Executive Director of Computing Services; Ms. Pratima Gandhi, Controller; Dr. David Glassman, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Jana Hunzicker, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, William T. Kemper Fellow and a member of the University Senate Resources Committee; Mr. Mike Keup, Executive Director of Student Involvement; Dr. Matt O’Brien, Associate Professor of Marketing and Chair of the University Senate; and Dr. Darrell Radson, Dean of the Foster College of Business Administration.