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Project Springboard and its sponsors (listed on the right) advance Bradley University’s entrepreneurship initiative by inspiring and educating aspiring entrepreneurs in the creation, start-up, and early stages of launching a business. The Project Springboard New Venture Competition brings students real-life business startup experience and the opportunity to win cash and services valued at over $100,000 to help them successfully launch their new business venture.

* Start-up funds: 1st place $10,000     2nd place $7,500     3rd place $5,000

** Cash prize payout is 10% of amounts above. 

The Project Springboard New Venture Competition contestants will utilize the business model canvas to develop their idea. Click business model canvas for more information. 

Key Dates


Aug 1

Website open for interested students
Aug 24 Project Springboard present at Activities Fair
2:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Oct 7 Brave Pitch (Elevator Pitch) Competition 5:30 p.m., Westlake Hall 130

Dec 7

New Venture Poster Competition at 5:30 in Baker B51 (Poster Flyer)


Mar 3 Last day to submit Letter of Intent
April 5 Executive Summary Due
April 18 Competition and Awards 

* Winner will receive startup funding by forming a business entity, with the intent to actually start a business, no later than one year from the graduation date of the last team member to graduate.  To claim the startup funding, sufficient written proof of business entity formation must be received

** In lieu of startup funding, a 10% cash prize will be paid as soon as practicable upon receipt of a properly completed W-9 form.