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Game Design & Development

Pursue your passion for digital games as a game maker! During this weeklong camp you will experience the game production process, from designing a casual game to its official release at the launch day party. Game design faculty and students studying game design at Bradley will walk you through designing an original game, creating and integrating art and sound, getting your game to work the way you want, and testing your game. In addition to the software tools you'll learn, you will gain experience working collaboratively to refine your game. Bring your imagination and your novel ideas for a valuable learning experience infused with fun!

It's All Business

Look around, no matter what you do, you ARE going to be in business. Big names like Beyoncé, LeBron, and Louis Vuitton didn’t happen by accident! Come to the Foster College of Business to learn about the business of business; from social media marketing, to accounting and finance, to computer systems and entrepreneurship.

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to build a “brand”
  • Explore the art and science of managing money
  • Ask “How’s it going?” … Accountants as Business Detectives
  • Harness your creativity to develop an innovative product
  • Own your corner of the digital universe through web design

Come and enjoy a fun and exciting week in the Foster College of Business.

Leadership Development

This week-long program provides a comprehensive learning experience by developing personal, group, and community leadership.  Participants will develop team work, take away insight from professional perspectives, engage in community leadership, and realize how leadership abilities will benefit them in the future through assessment, reflection, and discussion.  Bradley University student leaders will serve as peer mentors for each participant.  These mentors will provide guidance and facilitate achievement of personal and team goals, while encouraging leadership growth and development.