Office of Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at Bradley University supports faculty and staff seeking external funding to conduct research, scholarship, creative work, curricular and pedagogical initiatives, and educational outreach. To ensure that the University remains in compliance with federal regulations and ensure that all proposals and contracts related to extramural funding are properly reviewed, several policies have been established. All individuals seeking funding must adhere to the applicable policies described in the section on Scholarship/Research Compliance & Integrity. If seeking extramural funding, please also review the Office's policies for Submitting Extramural Proposals.

As part of the University's effort to support student engagement activities, Bradley maintains an institutional membership with the Council for Undergraduate Research. We encourage all faculty to join this organization, which strives to "support and promote high-quality mentored undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry."

The Office also administers internal grant programs for Bradley faculty and students to support their research, scholarship, and creative work. The Research Excellence (RE) Program supports the Bradley faculty's research, scholarship, creative work, and professional development activities. The Special Emphasis Student Engagement (SE) Program supports the engagement of Bradley students (undergraduate and graduate) in established research, scholarship, creative work, and service opportunities under the mentorship of Bradley Faculty members and equivalents. Students may also submit proposals to the Special Emphasis Student Travel (SEST) Program to present their work in peer-reviewed or juried conferences, meetings, or events.