Resources for Seeking External Funding

Searching for extramural funding sources and preparing proposals can be very rewarding, but it can also be overwhelming for individuals with limited experience in this arena. To help you navigate the grant writing process, several resources are available. Please engage OSP early in the grant writing process so that we can provide recommendations and ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained. Without these approvals, the proposal cannot be submitted.


InfoEd-Spin is a database tailored to artists and scholars from all disciplines and is open to faculty, staff, and students at Bradley University for identifying external funding sources.

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Training Opportunities

OSP has hosted seminars and workshops on grant writing activities both during the academic year and the summer. Our goal is to begin offering remote programming later this fall semester.

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Preparing the Narrative

The narrative’s goal is to convince the reviewer(s) that you are the right person to complete the described project. Your proposal must be organized, well written, and include all of the requested information. This seems relatively simple, but most proposals fail due to an inability to deliver what the reviewer(s) need to be excited about the project.

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Guidelines for Preparing a Budget

Because budgets can be complicated to prepare, we ask that OSP and Financial Services are involved in reviewing your proposed budget and budget justification as early as possible, but no less than TEN days before the submission deadline.

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