GrantForward: Extramural Funding Search and Grant Recommendation Service

GrantForward is an extramural funding database available to all Bradley University employees and students. After creating a user account, GrantForward can be used to:

  1. Search currently open Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Pre-solicitations from over 15,000 federal and private foundations and narrow the search results using intuitive filters.
  2. Identify previously funded projects, which allows users to know which foundations fund projects similar to the user’s proposed project.
  3. Establish a profile based upon research interests, publications, and other information, that allows users to receive grant recommendations via email.

Options for creating a user account with GrantForward:

  1. You can use Single Sign On (SSO) authentication. When you use the site, select Log In NOT Sign Up. In the resulting window, enter your Bradley email address, but do not enter a password. The sentence "Institution account detected. Click here to use Single Sign-On" should appear. By choosing this, you will be directed to an interface to log in using your Bradley account information and a GrantForward account will be automatically created.
  2. You can also create an account using your institutional email ( and a unique password. Select Sign Up on the site and complete the form. You would then use these credentials to log in to GrantForward when using their site.

Once logged in, go to the Grants menu and select Search Grant Opportunities to get started. You must be logged in, for the site to provide all of the information for the funding opportunity.

GrantForward has prepared several short training videos including:

  1. Conducting Searches and Using Filters
  2. Searching Pre-solicitations
  3. Searching Awarded Projects
  4. Using the Sponsor Directory
  5. Updating Your Research Interests

GrantForward has also produced a Researcher Welcome Guide, and they have posted several webinars “GrantForward Tutorial for Researchers: Finding Grants”, “GrantForward Tutorial for Researchers: Receiving Grant Recommendations”, and “GrantForward Tutorial for Researchers: Getting Pre-Award Information”.