Chiropractors are primary care professionals and play a vital, life-changing role. Chiropractic relieves pain, increases mobility and optimizes performance through safe and effective spinal adjustments and manipulation using a variety of non-invasive techniques. Doctors of Chiropractic work one-on-one with patients, helping them improve their overall health and find relief from headaches, back, neck and joint pain, without reliance on drugs or surgery. Chiropractors must earn the Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) degree, which typically takes ~4 years, and obtain state licensure. A few programs will allow students to accelerate their DC studies and begin before completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Resources for pre-chiropractic students:

Suggested Majors/Minors

Choose your academic focus

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Courses to satisfy admissions requirements to chiropractic schools.

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Develop skills beyond the classroom

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Entrance Exam

Most Chiropractic programs do not require any entrance exam, but requirements vary by school.

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Applying to Chiropractic Colleges

Links to chiropractic school directories and common applications

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Nearly 100% acceptance rate for Bradley applicants. Where are they now?

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