Entrance Exam

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) AAMC: What’s on the MCAT


Each year the Health Professions Advising Center holds an MCAT Workshop and offers an on campus practice test day. Many MCAT study guides and materials are also available to sign out from the HPAC resource collection. Although we do not offer a formal MCAT prep course at Bradley, HPAC advises students to help them develop a personalized strategy, timeline, and study plan to meet their individual needs. There are many commercially available MCAT prep materials and services. We do not endorse any one over the others, but can assist students in choosing products and services that fit their learning style, timeline, and budget.

Situational Judgment Tests

In addition to the MCAT, many (but not all) medical schools are now recommending or requiring applicants to complete and submit scores for a situational judgment test (SJT) to assess your social skills, behaviors and professionalism. You are presented with a variety of scenarios and asked to think about what you might do in these situations. These tests do not require significant preparation and are taken on your own computer, but they must be taken in the year that you apply to medical schools. Be sure to check the requirements for EACH medical school to which you are applying for their specific requirements and deadlines for SJT scores (if any).


Casper scores are NOT automatically posted to your AMCAS or AACOMAS application. You must request scores to be sent to each specific school that you apply to that requires them.


PREview scores will automatically be posted to your AMCAS account once they are available and shared with all of your medical schools.