Course Descriptions

CFA 350 - Inside Entertainment (3 hours)
Inside the Entertainment Industry offers a background examination of the entertainment industry. The course focuses on the professional operation and process used to create the preliminary background for a storyline, to develop a pitch for a movie/television show/video game, steps to acquire a green light for production, financing and budgeting a media project, protocol, post-production aspects, and advertising for distribution. Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in the Bradley University Hollywood Semester in Los Angeles, California

CFA 353 - Video Game Design (3 hours)
Video Game Design teaches the application of video game development processes and techniques. Emphasis on industry-standard practices towards development of a fully realized game.

CFA 354 - Hollywood Semester Internship (3 hours)
Appropriately supervised internship experience in Los Angeles, CA. The Hollywood Semester course will follow the registration and reflective learning requirements used by existing courses in Bradley’s Cooperative Education and Internship program.

CFA 355 - California Rock History (3 hours)
Topics of special interest in the California rock history scene that shaped the city and the music industry as a whole from 1964-1976. 

CFA 358 - Masters of Hollywood (3 hours)
Masters of Hollywood is a master course offering a series of interactive lectures taught by entertainment industry guest experts. Each two-week guest session will consist of three hours of teaching for two consecutive weeks. Industry guests will offer an instructional lecture for one three-hour session. The second week is an interactivity assignment based on the topic area and supervised by the guest lecturer. The Masters of Hollywood course is designed to engage students in a hands-on learning experience with a variety of focused topics. Topics and speakers may vary each semester.

CFA 359 - Visual Storytelling: How Hollywood Communicates (3 hours)
Visual Storytelling covers the entertainment industry’s step-by-step process for video and film production. The course is divided into five distinct phases of production with an ongoing class project of a narrative music video. This course discusses video concepts and industry processes, as well as production tools and techniques.

CFA 360 - Hollywood Semester Boot Camp (1 hour)
The six-week mandatory course is designed to provide advanced preparation to students who plan to attend the Bradley University Hollywood Semester in Los Angeles. The students will gain enhanced experience in the development of resumes and cover letters, interviewing skills, assimilation into the Los Angeles culture, and tips to enhance their semester experience. This is a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory course.

CFA 362 - Hollywood’s Greatest Genres (3 hours) (WI Tag)
We critically study, evaluate, and analyze the history and impact of the cinematic genres upon which the major Hollywood studios have relied time and again throughout the decades. Screenings of films relevant to each genre will be preceded by a short lecture providing historical context and followed by a vibrant discussion period in which the genre's themes, characters, and strengths are scrutinized. Guest speakers with industry connections to the various included genres will be booked throughout the semester, based on their availability. 

Please note that classes are available on a semester basis. Classes for the upcoming semester will be announced during boot camp.