Brave Launch - Meet the Teams


Brave Launch Team Selection

The Illinois Small Business Development Center and Turner Center for Entrepreneurship at Bradley
University are pleased to announce the first phase of the inaugural business program, Brave Launch,
is a success! We received many exciting and business ideas, and have completed the difficult process
of selecting 10 to be part of our inaugural program. Brave Launch is the first program of its kind in Central
Illinois, designed to assist entrepreneurs accelerate their business through innovative curriculum and real
world interaction. Applicants came from a variety of backgrounds: startups, small businesses, corporate
innovation teams, Bradley University students and faculty. The program entails seven weeks of classroom
activity and real world business model development.

Congratulations to the 2016 teams:

ALM Productions (PopXFit) – Peoria IL

Fitness focused company transforming the lives of individuals by redefining exercise as fun, affordable,
convenient, and accessible.

Eat & Evolve – East Peoria IL

A nutrition-focused company that is the first and only healthy meal delivery service in the Peoria
area delivering freshness, quality and convenience to achieve continuous customer satisfaction.

Golf Score Changer – Clinton IL

An innovative company working to help improve the game of golf with simple solutions for
any level golfer.

Natural Fiber Welding – Peoria IL

Technology company focused on the production and manufacture of sustainable materials that
outperform petroleum-based analogues for applications ranging from building materials to
wearable electronics.

Neuroquantel - Peoria IL

Multi-disciplinary team from OSF Healthcare developing a user-friendly medical device capable
of providing a near real-time quantitative measure of strength in patients suffering from ALS,
while also being suitable for providing telehealth consults to rural physicians.

Notionovus™ – Morton IL

Technology company building a software platform for democratizing middleware. It is expected
to drastically reduce information technology costs.

SAE – Peoria IL

A magazine publishing company that is shaping and equipping the minds of the future generation,
by strategically promoting biblical principles and influencing readers to pursue, discover and fulfill their purpose.

The Oakford Group – Peoria IL

Founded by licensed physical therapists, The Oakford Group, LLC, has created a home exercise
product designed to provide quality manual therapy treatment techniques that were once only
available in the therapy clinic.

The Pizza Peel – Lacon IL

A family-owned pizza restaurant with great customer focus and regional recognition, offering dine-in,
carry-out and delivery of hand crafted, fresh pizzas.

Weightmaster – Peoria IL

Fitness focused team developing an innovative device that allows gym users to quickly break through
plateaus and increase strength using a wide variety of gym equipment.  The system will enable gyms
to increase their member retention and draw in new members.

The teams will be making their final pitch on November 10th at a public event. Details are following:

Location:  Robert Michel Student Center, 915 N Elmwood, Peoria IL  61625

8:30am    Check-in
9:00am    Team presentations begin
12:00pm  Lunch
12:45pm  Award Ceremony
 2:00pm   Adjourn

Cost:  $35 (includes lunch)
Register here:  Deadline to register is Noon, November 3, 2016.

When not presenting, team members are available for interviews

The Brave Launch platinum sponsor is OSF Healthcare

For more information, please visit our website: