Faculty and Staff

Learn from the Experts

Professors with doctoral degrees in their disciplines and three executive-in-residence faculty members share a commitment to excellence in teaching and research. Most are regular consultants for national and international businesses. Many have made the shift from business into teaching bringing a wealth of experience, which informs their ability to present theory and demonstrate its realistic application.

Teaching Excellence

The real-business experiences, scholarly achievements, and global perspectives of our talented faculty will inform and energize your learning. Our faculty continually win praise for their teaching with three of our faculty winning the Putnam Award, Bradley’s top award for outstanding teaching.

Commitment to Research

Foster College of Business faculty are known regionally, nationally, and internationally for published research in academic books, nationally adopted textbooks, and popular trade books. As researchers, Foster College of Business faculty have been recognized internationally; one receiving a prestigious Fulbright fellowship to teach in Russia and another being named a Cambridge Fellow.

Real-World Experience

Our three executives-in-residence offer participants their unique insights and business knowledge gained from their work with Fortune 500 companies. As business theory and practice continue to evolve, faculty stay on the cutting edge through consulting, conducting local, national, and international management and marketing seminars; and maintaining a variety of professional contacts.

Global Awareness

Foster College of Business faculty investigate the workings of the global economy firsthand by teaching and researching in business settings worldwide. Faculty continually bring a wealth of observations and insights back to the classroom through their participation in programs tied to universities and businesses in England, Russia, China, Mexico, Finland, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Germany, and Poland.

Eden Blair

Eden S. Blair

Interim Executive & Academic Director, Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Professor of Entrepreneurship

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3131
    (309) 677-3715

Colin Corbett

Colin Corbett

Assistant Professor, Economics

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4164
    (309) 677-3286

Ross Fink

Ross L. Fink

Professor, Management and Leadership

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3136
    (309) 677-2271

William Funkhouser

William C. Funkhouser

Executive in Residence, Finance

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4121
    (309) 677-3829

Philip Horvath

Philip A. Horvath

Professor, Finance

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4131
    (309) 677-2313

Rajesh Iyer

Rajesh Iyer

Caterpillar Professor of Marketing and Department Chair; Director of International Business

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4137
    (309) 677-2991

Mark Johlke

Mark C. Johlke

Professor, Marketing and Director of Professional Sales Program

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4124
    (309) 677-3947

Shondra Johnson

Shondra Johnson

Instructor in Residence of Accounting

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 2148
    (309) 677-3717

Stephen Kerr

Stephen G Kerr

Department Chair of Accounting, Associate Professor, Accounting and BU TAC Program Director

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 2168
    (309) 677-2283

Joshua Lewer

Joshua J. Lewer

Acting Associate Dean of New Initiatives, Economics and Finance Department Chair, McCord Professor and Stevenson PNC Bank Professor

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4136
    (309) 677-2299

Tanya Marcum

Tanya M. Marcum

Department Chair, Professor of Business Law

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3128
    (309) 677-2272

Valerie Vogt Pape

Valerie Vogt Pape

Part-Time Affiliate Instructor

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4178

Amit Sinha

Amit K. Sinha

Professor, Finance

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 4130
    (309) 677-3582

Paul Stephens

Paul R. Stephens

Associate Dean, Professor of Management Information Systems

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 2129
    (309) 677-2995

Laurence Weinzimmer

Laurence Weinzimmer

Caterpillar Professor of Strategic Management

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3129
    (309) 677-3478


Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Associate Professor, Management and Leadership, Program Coordinator

    Business and Engineering Convergence Center 3127
    (309) 677-2308