Program Highlights

The MBA curriculum is designed to build your analytical and strategic thinking skills, enhance your interpersonal communication abilities, and prepare you to take a leadership role within your organization.

Management Core

Bradley’s MBA program is geared toward deepening business acumen and building competencies in integrative thinking, change management, and leadership. The program begins with an interpersonal relations course where you’ll learn how to develop and apply interpersonal skills critical for managerial success. Next, an introduction to key issues in business decision-making provides a framework from which to consider issues and opportunities within functional areas of business. Courses in controllership, finance, marketing, economics, information technology and management theory prepare you to manage financial, marketing and operations challenges with confidence. For more details on coursework, please view the Masters of Business Administration Graduate Catalog.

Applied Learning Environment

You’ll focus on transferring theory into professional practice, putting your knowledge to work in your current position and beyond. Throughout the program you’ll hone your problem-solving abilities using individual investigation, group interaction, and computer analysis. Extensive case analysis will sharpen your analytical, written, and verbal communication skills.

Real–Time Problem Solving

Your MBA experience culminates with a Capstone Course, which focuses on strategic planning and problem solving. Working in teams, you’ll integrate concepts of business planning and strategy with knowledge gained from previous coursework to solve an actual business or organizational problem.