Master of Science in Accounting

This program is designed to support students seeking a certified public accounting license.

Preparing You For Success

The MSA degree program gives you the 150 credit hours required to earn the Certified Public Accountant license. The program builds on your undergraduate education and training to better prepare you to enter into a professional accounting career. With this degree, you’ll be a step closer to mid or upper-level management positions at your next organization.

Graduate Program Requirements

Required Courses - 12 hrs.

  • ATG 601: Financial Accounting Theory - 3 hrs.
  • ATG 614: Advanced Cost Management - 3 hrs.
  • ATG 657: Advanced Auditing - 3 hrs.
  • ATG 677: Federal Taxes II - 3 hrs.
  • ATG 698: Accounting Comprehensive Assessment - 0 hrs.


  • One 3-hour elective course from the 500 level accounting courses (except ATG 505)
  • 9 hours from the 500 or 600 level courses (except ATG 604) from the MBA program (subject to approval by the MSA Program Coordinator)
  • 6 hours from other graduate accounting courses, MBA courses or outside of the college (subject to approval by the MSA Program Coordinator)

Other Requirements

  • ATG 530: Professional Interviewing Skills or M L 615 Interpersonal Relations as part of your elective hours.
  • Each MSA student must take a written comprehensive examination. This examination covers the graduate work that the student is presenting for the degree. The time, place and nature of the examination are a part of ATG 698.

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