*For students entering Bradley University before Fall 2016. Students entering Bradley on or after Fall 2016 should refer to the Bradley Core Curriculum requirements articulated in their Undergraduate Catalog year.

(Note: Most students entering before fall 2016 may remain in the General Education program or opt into the Bradley Core Curriculum during the fall 2016 or spring 2017 registration process; students should thoroughly review the options and discuss them with their advisor before declaring under the Bradley Core Curriculum.)


The General Education Program

The Bradley University General Education Program is based upon the principles of “liberal education” expressed in the following  fundamental assumptions:

  • A liberal education provides all students with the intellectual tools necessary to explore the best that civilization has produced.
  • A liberal education provides the means for all students to exercise control over their lives through thoughtful responses to their political, social, cultural, technological and natural environment.
  • A liberal education emphasizes critical, historical, theoretical, scientific, and aesthetic approaches to knowledge.
  • A liberal education enhances the quality of life and fosters an appreciation of learning as a foundation for continuing inquiry.
  • The purpose of a liberal education is to develop students, regardless of academic major or professional aspiration, who are able to understand and participate in society as responsible human beings.