*For students entering Bradley University before Fall 2016. Students entering Bradley on or after Fall 2016 should refer to the Bradley Core Curriculum requirements articulated in their Undergraduate Catalog year.

(Note: Most students entering before fall 2016 may remain in the General Education program or opt into the Bradley Core Curriculum during the fall 2016 or spring 2017 registration process; students should thoroughly review the options and discuss them with their advisor before declaring under the Bradley Core Curriculum.)


The General Education Program consists of nine categories and 36 semester hours, required for all
university degrees, as follows:

English Composition (C1 and C2) - 6 semester hours

The goals of the English composition requirement are to educate students in the principles and processes of effective college-level writing and to help students develop successful writing skills for the intellectual and rhetorical contexts of their major disciplines or professions.

Speech (SP) – 3 semester hours

The speech communication component focuses on the processes of developing a communicatively competent college graduate, who has attained a high level of knowledge and skill in verbal communication through systematic study and practice.

Mathematics (MA) – 3 semester hours

The mathematics requirement focuses on quantitative reasoning, producing literate college graduates who can apply simple mathematical models using formulas, graphs, tables, schematics and methods to the optimal solution of real world problems.

Western Civilization (WC) – 3 semester hours

The Western civilization component focuses on providing students with an understanding of the traditions, values, and institutions underlying Western civilization and the historical forces behind the societies in which they live.

Non-Western Civilization (NW) – 3 semester hours

The Non-Western civilization requirement serves to encourage students to look outside the predominant Western attitudes that have shaped American views of the world and to understand the modes of thought and values unique to the civilization under study.

Fine Arts (FA) – 3 semester hours

The fine arts component provides guidance and practice not only in emotional and sensory skills, but also in the intellectual analysis necessary to appreciate the arts. The arts serve to communicate levels of concentrated manifestations of the human spirit that are otherwise inexpressible.

Human Values (HL & HP) – 3 semester hours (either HL-3 semester hours or HP-3 semester hours) * 

The human values requirement focuses on a variety of important traditions of thought and expression relating to philosophy (HP) and/or literature (HL) in order to help students appreciate the complex issues involved in the development of systems of values.

Cultural Diversity and Social Forces (CD & SF) – 6 semester hours, including at least 3 semester hours in SF

The cultural diversity and social forces component exists to impart an understanding of economic, political and social institutions along with an understanding of cultural diversity, thereby providing the college graduate with the ability to make meaningful contributions in the contemporary world.

Science and Technology (FS & TS) – 6 semester hours, including at least 3 semester hours in FS

The goals of the science and technology requirement are to provide an understanding of essential scientific principles through scientific observation, interpretation and analysis, and to produce college graduates who have the ability to reach scientific conclusions, communicate results of the scientific process and understand the impact of science on civilization. 

*College of Liberal Arts & Sciences majors are required to take 6 semester hours, 3 HL and 3 HP