*For students entering Bradley University before Fall 2016. Students entering Bradley on or after Fall 2016 should refer to the Bradley Core Curriculum requirements articulated in their Undergraduate Catalog year.

(Note: Most students entering before fall 2016 may remain in the General Education program or opt into the Bradley Core Curriculum during the fall 2016 or spring 2017 registration process; students should thoroughly review the options and discuss them with their advisor before declaring under the Bradley Core Curriculum.)


The University Senate Subcommittee on General Education


Terms Expiring in April 2015

  • Peter Dusenbery, LAS ENG (nominated by Dean Etaugh) BR 375, x2465
  • Todd Kelly, CFA MUS (nominated by Dean Huberman) CON 306, x2597
  • Jason Zaborowski, LAS RLS (nominated by Provost Glassman) BR 283, x2444

Terms Expiring in April 2016 

  • Patricia Chrosniak*, EHS ETE (nominated by Dean Sattler) WES 241, x3199
  • Peter Olson**, EHS ETE (nominated by Dean Sattler) WES 232, x3693
  • Charles West, BUS ETL (nominated by Dean Radson) BAK 324, x2285
  • Dan Smith***, CFA, COM (nominated by Provost Glassman) GCC 313, x2366
  • Dawn Hall****, EHS, PT (nominated by Provost Glassman) OH 344, x3203 

Terms Expiring in April 2017

  • David Zietlow, EGT ME (nominated by Dean Akers) JOB 314, x2710
  • Tim Koeltzow, LAS PSY (nominated by Provost Glassman) BR 82, x2590
  • Dean Campbell, LAS CHM (nominated by Int. Dean Robertson), OH 211, x3029

Student Member

  • TBD (nominated by Student Senate)

Kelly McConnaughay, Chairperson
BR 226, x2383


*              from fall 2014
**              for 2013-2014 year only
***            leave of absence replacement for DH
****             on leave of absence 2014-2015


The function of the General Education Committee shall be:

  1. To evaluate course proposals according to the current General Education guidelines and forward recommendations to the Committee on Curriculum and Regulations;
  2. To establish policies for transfer credit of general education coursework;
  3. To facilitate ongoing assessment of general education in collaboration with the appropriate departments or divisions;
  4. To foster an environment that promotes general education as the unifying foundation of Bradley’s diverse intellectual community.