*For students entering Bradley University before Fall 2016. Students entering Bradley on or after Fall 2016 should refer to the Bradley Core Curriculum requirements articulated in their Undergraduate Catalog year.

(Note: Most students entering before fall 2016 may remain in the General Education program or opt into the Bradley Core Curriculum during the fall 2016 or spring 2017 registration process; students should thoroughly review the options and discuss them with their advisor before declaring under the Bradley Core Curriculum.)


General Policies

  • An approved General Education course may not be used to satisfy more than one of the nine major categories.
  • Approved Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and College-Level Examination Program examinations are acceptable for many General Education categories.
  • Transfer students who have earned only 5 semester hours of English Composition, Social Forces, or Science and Technology and 2 semester hours of Basic Speech, Western Civilization, Non-Western Civilization, Human Values, or Fine Arts are considered to have satisfied the all-University course requirements in these subjects. Bradley University participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI).
  • Bradley University participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). Transfer students from participating IAI institutions who have completed the IAI model general education curriculum prior to matriculating at Bradley may substitute the 36 semester hour model curriculum for the Bradley general education requirements. Several components of the Bradley program and the IAI model are identical.
  • Readmitted students will not receive transfer general education credit for the 300-level writing requirement unless the course was taken at the 300-level.  Readmitted students who attended Bradley University prior to the fall of 1983 may be required to satisfy the current general education requirements. The college dean of the student’s major makes the decision.
  • Additional major or college-specific guidelines or policies may apply.  Consult college and program requirements in the undergraduate catalog for more information.