African-American Studies

The African-American studies minor, which is open to all students regardless of major, helps you understand African-American culture and history. It introduces you to African-American political, social, cultural, literary and intellectual expression, in addition to the scope of African-American studies as a discipline. You can choose two tracks within the minor — one focused on community engagement, the other focused on research and writing.

Minor Requirements

Required Courses - 3 hrs.

  • AAS 200: Introduction to African American Studies - 3 hrs.

Elective Courses (choose three) - 9 hrs.

  • AAS 100: Introductory Topics in African American Studies - 3 hrs.
  • ENG 129: Introduction to African-American Literature - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 201: Violence, Crime, and Punishment - 3 hrs.
  • MUS 202: History of Jazz - 3 hrs.
  • ETE 280: Exploring Diversity - 3 hrs.
  • AAS 300: Advanced Topics in African American Studies - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 313: Race, Ethnicity, and Power - 3 hrs.
  • ENG 329: Studies in African-American Literature - 3 hrs.
  • HIS 316: African-American History Since 1877 - 3 hrs.
  • SOC 312: Social Inequality/Sociological Perspectives on Race, Class, and Gender - 3 hrs.

Note: A minimum of 6 hours must be at the 300 level or above.

Completion of one of two 3-hour capstone experiences:

  • Research and writing track
    Complete AAS 400: Directed Research in African American Studies under the supervision of program faculty.
  • Community Engagement track
    Complete an approved internship, service-learning project, or other approved program of community engagement administered under the course title AAS 401 (or another approved community engagement course pending approval of the AAS committee). Capstone projects for the community engagement track must be approved in advanced by the AAS committee and will culminate in a presentation to the committee and/or other appropriate audience.